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The Socialist / leftist Agenda of Using the Gullible and Naïve.

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The Socialist / leftist Agenda of Using the Gullible and Naïve.

Old 07-12-2019, 10:29 AM
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Default The Socialist / leftist Agenda of Using the Gullible and Naïve.

One of the more troubling aspect of society today is the emergence of radical indoctrinated youth who are being mobilized by their handlers to do their dirty work for them. Groups like antifa, are not just something that that happened overnight, it is something that has been planned, organized and facilitated. The process is intentional and an aspect of it is the simple concept of successful indoctrination is best achieved when it begins with the youth.

During the entire previous administration, one central theme was ever present, America is too powerful and should feel guilt for its success on the world stage. Obama laid the groundwork with his apology tour and his constant bad mouthing American whenever he was abroad. The previous president of this nation peddled the leftist agenda and the anti-America message and low and behold, that same rhetoric was peddled in our schools and in our universities.

People need to remember that many kids would have still been in high school and then went to college during Obama’s two terms in office. In their minds, what their schools were peddling, is the same thing the president of the nation was saying. Now consider how that would be perceived in the mind of a naïve and gullible young adult, who for the last eight years has heard the same message over and over both in school and from the president of this nation.

We are seeing examples of this indoctrination process across the nation on our college campuses, where anti-American, anti-freedom of speech, anti-capitalism, anti-white and anti-religious themes are also ever present and were growing until the new administration and the American people said enough. This new anti-everything traditional American, is not just something the youth decided they should embrace, it is something that has been taught to them for years in a systematic process of indoctrination, rooted in and organized by a socialist / leftist agenda ideology.

The concerning part here is this is not a new chapter in human history, it is a re-playing of a past history where many of the exact same processes, ideologies, strategies and intent were being pushed by other nefarious political agendas in the past. As an example, prior to WWII a new political party was on the rise in Germany and we all know what that led to. One of the key elements of this new German political agenda, was directly focused on indoctrination of the youth. Knowing that same youth, would eventually become willing allies to the new political agenda and the hidden desire of the agenda.

It was understood even back then, that the success or failure of any political platform that desires to take complete and total control, must begin with the youth. You must build familiarity and acceptance of the agenda to facilitate the complete embracing of it. At the same time, you must address those in positions of power and influence who are political enemies or are a hinderance to furthering your agenda implementation.

Hitler understood this process clearly and used the youth to do his bidding. He also attacked his political enemies with a vengeance and accused them of a multitude of treasonous crimes, or just simply had them eliminated. He dealt with the education indoctrination process, by removing those who had the intelligence to understand his true agenda goals and rejected the ideology the new political party was trying to integrate into the education system. It soon became a life-threatening position for educators, to oppose anything the new political party mandated.

The paragraph below is from an article published by the “History Place” and titled “Hitler Youth, Prelude to War 1933-1938”. This excerpt from that article present some eerily mirrored concepts we see emerging today in the new socialist / leftist party and their ideology, which is just a more radical version of what was being peddled by the previous administration.

Lowered Educational Standards

Throughout Germany, the entire teaching profession all the way up to university level had been purged of Jewish professors and anyone deemed politically unreliable regardless of their proven teaching abilities or achievements, including Nobel Prize recipients. Teachers who remained in the college classroom lived under the constant fear they might be denounced by one of their students and wind up in a concentration camp. This insecurity resulted in gross academic timidity which further lowered educational standards.

National Socialist teachers of questionable ability stepped into grammar school and high school classrooms to form young minds, strictly abiding by the Party motto: "The supreme task of the schools is the education of youth for the service of Volk and State in the National Socialist spirit." They taught **** propaganda as fact which was then recited back by their students as unshakable points of view with no room for disagreement or discussion.

Over the years, the Hitler Youth organization would gradually supplant the traditional elementary and secondary school system and become the main force educating German youth. And the quality of that education only got worse. Students emerging from the elite Adolf Hitler Schools were in superb physical condition and thoroughly drilled in **** ideology, but lacked basic skills in math and science. Biology, for example, had been completely corrupted to advance **** racial doctrine.

Under Hitler, a school system once among the finest in the world, became substandard almost overnight. **** scientists, educated before Hitler, would later complain they were partially hindered in developing new super weapons by the recruitment of young graduates from the elite **** schools.

In 1936, all of the Catholic parochial and Protestant denominational schools were abolished. Christian holy days which had usually meant a day off from school were now ignored and classroom prayers were banned. Celebrations of Christmas and Easter were discouraged, replaced by pre-Christian Yule or Solstice celebrations. The ***** later forced all teachers to renounce any affiliation with professional church organizations.

For the radical power and control obsessed, nothing is too immoral or unethical and nothing is objectionable, as long as the desired outcome is achieved, including using children and youth to do their dirty work. Ironically, fake moral and ethical outrage is quickly doled out by the same agenda operators who abuse the gullible and naïve mentality of the youth, when it furthers their agenda goals. These same radicals will rabidly attack any person, stance or position that challenged the legitimacy of the agenda being pushed and pursued by them.

The victim and race card are the primary weapon of choice to assist in the character assassination strategy the leftist so love to engage in when dealing with their advisories, but they also use those same weapons in dealing with historically significant moments, documents, figure heads, historical leaders, National traditions and the moral and ethical fabric of society. All of these things are targeted in the indoctrination process of the youth.

Another part of this indoctrination agenda, is the subtle inclination that traditional authority figures and concepts, are old ideas and are out of touch with the current acceptable ideologies of a modern society. There is a pre-determined intent associated with pushing that narrative. Traditional standards of accountability including personal accountability, respecting established laws and rights that encourage individuality and independence, are a direct afront to establishing a group think mentality true Socialism requires.

In a dictatorship or socialist system, the control of the masses can only be achieved when there is but one authority figure and that is the defined leader of the “modern” political agenda, who will tell the masses what to think and what they can believe. The agenda and indoctrination process, subtlety suggest other forms of authority should not be as highly regarded and some should actually be ignored, because they are bigoted or racist and therefore no longer relevant.

Hitler too embraced this exact same mentality and provided many glaring examples in his speeches. One of his quotes from a book Hermann Rauschning, published in 1939, Hitler Speaks, p. 220. "The Ten Commandments have lost their validity. Conscience is a Jewish invention, it is a blemish like circumcision." Hitler in a sense was attacking the highest authority figure of all, trying to elevate himself in the process. The naysayers who want to claim all the recorded quotes from this book are fraudulent, must then also be willing to call the many past historians who referenced this book fraudulent as well. Famous historians like Payne, Bullock, Weinberg and Poliakov to mention just a few, referenced this same book in many of their own writings.

What we all know for sure, is other recorded historical documents display without question the radical and evil ideology and agenda that led to the rise of a maniac dictatorship that enjoyed temporary success at a horrendous price to a nation and the world. That short lived success ended with the destruction of a nation, the decimation of its people and caused untold destruction and death on a global scale. You would think this would be a focal aspect of world history taught in our schools, but somehow it isn’t.

The reason the gullible and naïve are such an attractive target for the socialist / leftist agenda, is they are not versed in world history, nor are they encouraged to study world history outside the halls of institutional education. Many of today’s youth can’t even comprehend the atrocities committed under Socialist dictatorships in the world’s history, because they have never been educated about it and you could argue, the truth has been purposely hidden for a reason.

There are many historical examples of the failures and falsehoods of socialism for the youth to learn from, but somehow that historical information is all sidestepped and ignored. Stalin would be another history case study of where socialism predictable ends up. Stalin instituted a new Socialist Constitution in 1936, with the same grand promises of equality and freedom the socialist / leftist are promising today, but in the end, it was nothing but a massive lie, just like it is today. I guess Bernie Sanders who plagiarized that Stalin Socialist Constitution as his own platform, wants to ignore the “Great Terror”, AKA “The Great Purge”, that soon followed the introduction of Stalin’s Socialist Constitutional lie.

Odd that he ignores this dark aspect, directly associated with Stalin’s Socialist Constitutional decree. Sanders like the rest peddling socialist / leftist ideologies, are using the tried and true strategy of targeting very specific groups and at the top of that list is the youth. Consider who made up Sanders voting base during the 2016 presidential election cycle and you will understand the intended audience Sanders peddled to. The vast majority were college aged youth and entitlement minded youth and adults.

Today and we see the exact same platform being exploited by the gaggle of socialist / leftist snake oil salesmen, who are all promising “Free Stuff” yet again. Student loan forgiveness, free money once a month, free college, free health care, income equality, get out of jail free ideologies, open arms welcoming everyone, for all the “Free Stuff” and on and on. All of them trying to pander to the naïve and gullible who still don’t seem to grasp that nothing, absolutely nothing is free, other than the air they breathe and their own personal thoughts.

So, to those buying into the Socialist / Leftist platform and ideology, you might want to “check” your gullibility and naivety. Those uneducated aspects are not a privilege, they are instead a detriment to you and those around you.
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