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Bob in Portland, OR 03-31-1999 10:20 PM

I thought that everything which could have gone wrong with a car had already happened to my 1986 Corvette. However, it has come up with a new problem.

While trying to get the shift lever out of the way to reinstall a radio, I apparently confused the transmission. Even when the car is in neutral, it believes it is in reverse. When I use the shift lever to select any other gear (including reverse), it thinks it is in two gears at the same time. Even the ridiculously powerful engine is unable to move the car at two speeds at the same time, especially when they are trying to drive the car in opposite directions at once.

My particular Corvette is one of those asinine 7-speed transmissions (4+3) with the idiotic antitheft system which requires you to put the car in reverse in order to remove the key. When I forced the shift lever to move with the key turned off, apparently I created some kind of a problem. Does anyone have any ideas about how to correct my confused Corvette? I have a choice now between coasting (by depressing the clutch), reverse (by releasing the clutch) or all stop (by selecting some gear other than neutral and releasing the clutch). Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Send email to [email protected] Thanks.

Greg 04-02-1999 12:41 AM

Hey, Bob,
Sorry I don't have the answer to your current problem, but I agree with you, Whoever designed that transmission should have designed one more to stick right up his butt!
Been there, Greg

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