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Demar 07-07-1999 11:24 AM

Is there anyway to find the history of my 76 using the VIN#? I'd like to discover the original build specs/options, date built, where built, dealer it was shipped to etc. Unfortunately, the tank sticker has disappeared.

Shark Man 07-09-1999 06:57 AM


You won't be able to get the original options on the car from the VIN. I would suggest doing a title search in the state you live in, depending on which state you are in you may or may not be able to get the info. You should be able to do a title search through your local DMV office. You can get original RPO data from my site by going to the "68-82" link and selecting your year, but this will only give you a list of what was available. Your car was built at the St. Louis plant as were all cars up to mid-81, except for '53 models which were built in Flint. The June/July/August(not exactly sure) time frame of 1981 Corvettes were built in St. Louis and Bowling Green at the same time, then the St. Louis plant ceased production.

Email me directly with your VIN and info off your data plate which should be located in the area near the door hinges on the drivers side and I'll give you what info there is. The data plate tells you original paint and trim info as well as build date. The only way now, without a tank sticker or original window sticker will be to track down the previous owners.

96LT4Z51 07-15-1999 09:50 PM

go to for 14 bucks you can do a one time title search for 20 bucks unlimited for 60 days..saved me a few thousand already..was planning on buying a buick century for the wife when I ran the vin it turned out to be a rental car..after I told the dealer they informed me that they were going to tell me this when I signed the contracts..yea right...

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