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Dittohead_nm 02-14-2000 03:28 AM

I had heard about a "black box" in some GM cars, including the C5 and wrote GM about it. They admitted there was a "black box" (in function if not form) which records your speed, brakes, etc., for the last several seonds before a crash. They refused to tell me where it was located or who it could be disconnected. Anyone else hear of this "feature"? What are your thoughts?

BruceF 02-14-2000 11:05 AM

Kind of old news. In the C5 it is the Sensing and Diagnostic Module. Besides recording about 5 seconds worth of data, it also controls your airbags. If you disconnect it, you won't have the airbags working and the computer won't be happy. The SDM is located behind the ashtray in the center console.

You ca go here and click on GM's Black Box for more info:

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