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bontrager 05-14-2012 12:35 PM

6 speed vs automatic transmission
Is the manual transmission preferred by most vet owners vs. an automatic? If so why; especially since an automaitic is faster off the line?

Would appreciate your comments.

MrMojoRisin921 05-14-2012 12:47 PM

I always prefer a manual shift on my sports cars. I feel more connected to the driving experience and love the feel of running the car through the gears or a sweet double clutch down shift.


My car is a weekend warrior and not a daily driver and if it was, since I live in LA, a manual would kill me in the traffic out here.

Jistari 05-14-2012 12:47 PM


But cant hold it against you since you're asking :D
(probably 27000 topics on this)

Yup, I would think so. For some reason the vert with the manual seems to be the most desireable from what I read when it comes up here.

Although many many love the auto (my choice also, just suits what I use the car for).

There's a lot to be said for rowing through the gears (and I have to admit I do miss it once in a while) in general driving. That fun factor is what influences most preferences I guess.

Yup, a good driver in an manual may beat an equally equipped auto, but...the auto never...never ...blinks :rofl:. So a mediocre driver in an auto, in a straight line, will very likely be consistent and fast.

The majority of the drivers dont take their cars to the track so they're not concerned about a few tenths, they just like to drive.

Corvette_Ed 05-14-2012 12:52 PM

I've always preferred a manual transmission because it provides more control over the vehicle, it gives better gas mileage than an automatic, a manual will beat an auto given two equally skilled drivers, and it's just flat out more fun. I don't even mind driving mine in traffic situations, but I'm about as old school as a car guy can get. Automatics just seem like the lazy way out to me.

8VETTE7 05-14-2012 12:59 PM

If production numbers are any indication, the automatic is the trans of choice. Far more auto's built than manual's.

I personally prefer the manual but apparently the majority want/have auto.

Cubman 05-14-2012 01:02 PM

If I don't want to shift I'd drive the Buick :thumbs:

bontrager 05-14-2012 01:03 PM

Thank you for you responses; all make for a good argument.

robert miller 05-14-2012 01:19 PM

If you are not much more than stock HP it is what ever you want. But if you getting into big rwhp with the car a auto will hold up better on you without breaking parts....:thumbs::thumbs::ack:Robert

94centennial 05-14-2012 01:25 PM

to me an automatic in a Corvette is about as desirable as one in a Harley!

Gigdy 05-14-2012 01:25 PM

Originally Posted by Corvette_Ed (Post 1580809172)
a manual will be an auto given two equally skilled drivers,

Im assuming you meant "beat" and that just isnt true. A crappy drive with an auto well beat the crap out of a crappy driver with manual. Which is part of what makes a manual more fun. It makes you a better driver.

usgecko 05-14-2012 01:28 PM

If a corvette was my only car I might have opted for an automatic, fortunately I have an automatic (Mercury Marauder) for the daily grind. When I feel like being more involved with the driving that's when I reach for the 'Vette keys.

94centennial 05-14-2012 01:32 PM

I did not mean "beat". I meant "fun" of driving a manual. I like having control of the shifting and the sound.

Corvette_Ed 05-14-2012 01:33 PM

Originally Posted by Gigdy (Post 1580809448)
Im assuming you meant "beat" and that just isnt true. A crappy drive with an auto well beat the crap out of a crappy driver with manual. Which is part of what makes a manual more fun. It makes you a better driver.

I disagree, but that's an argument that's best settled on a 1/4-mile stretch of road. :thumbs:

darkstar.c5 05-14-2012 01:53 PM

i love my m6, its fun, i feel more connected to my "driving experience"... but that being said.. i hurt my back month ago and missed driving cuz the pain was impeding my left leg so i couldnt clutch very well. i was wishing i had an auto at that time.

Oh 2 Fun 05-14-2012 01:54 PM

I've always preferred manual trannies in everything I drove. So I have a six-speed.

However....I must admit towing with my automatic truck is far easier than it was with the stick truck I had. Especially trying to back a boat up a hill into a more "burning clutch" smell.....

Blitzkrieg 05-14-2012 02:08 PM


1. My wife can drive the car

2. I can drive and drink my coffee without the fear of spilling!

3. I can talk on the phone without having to shift gears!

4. At almost 700hp, I can kick the snot out of just about anything without the worry of missing a gear!

5. Manuals are very hard to get constant ET times at the track!

6. Any and all fast guys at the track runs Autos!


MrWhan 05-14-2012 02:18 PM

I've had both. Love both. One for terrorizing mustangs (ha!), one for cruising. One for racing, one for parades. One to run thru the gears, one to hit cruise control. I have a vette people either love or they hate.


The reason the Corvette lasts is that it is all things to all people who love it.

You want BAD A$$, you got it! You want unique, you got it! You want elite, you got it! You want a dream, you got it! You want bragging rights, you got it! You want mid life crisis, you got it! You want to race, you got it! You want to cruise, you got it! Convertible, hardtop, coupe, you got it!

You want American, you got it! You want the best, you got it!

Go visit the National Corvette Museum and take a tour of the plant.

And get the Corvette of your dreamz. :D

94centennial 05-14-2012 02:21 PM

1. I do not want my wife driving my Vette
2. I do not eat or drink in my Vette. And I do not let other people.
3. i do not talk on a phone while I drive.
4. I do not need bragging right at a "strip".
5. I just love driving a stick.

Paul Wood 05-14-2012 02:22 PM

I have a 98 with an A4. It is an amazing performer off the line and the published numbers are like 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. I do not need anything better than that and my ride is pretty much bone stock. When I want to do some performance driving it is pretty easy to pull the shifter down into 1 and work through the gears or hold the RPMs up. I have had the A4 "tuned" to my specific needs and it drives like a dream.

ps. I have never had the clutch go to the floor, missed a gear or a day when I wanted to drive the car, I have never had to change the clutch fluid, the slave cylinder, or the clutch for that matter!!!!! Some days I do miss the stick in the Porsche but that is another story. Good Luck !

Toque 05-14-2012 02:27 PM

I did not want an auto because.
1.) I did not want my wife driving it. My wife can't drive a 6 speed.... :D
2.) Auto's are boring for the type of driving I like to do (my daily driver GTI is 6 speed also):D

I wanted a 6 speed because.
1.) Its not a daily driver.
2.) Fun to drive factor is very high !

I just love 6 speeds.... :thumbs:

I could care a less who is faster (auto vs manual). I bought my car to enjoy. I would not have enjoyed an auto at all.


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