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1960fi 07-10-2012 09:34 AM

Lots of original parts.
Condition varies from "useable" original to very nice original (some reproduction items)
Coupe and convertible parts.
Big and small block parts.
Parts include body panels/pieces, frames, suspension. wheels, tires, doors, bumpers, brackets/braces, original hardware/bolts/fasteners, electrical, harnesses, t-tops, convertible tops, blocks, heads, intakes, distributors, shielding, oil pans/front covers/valve covers, some smog stuff, exhaust manifolds, interior pieces, gauges, chrome, stainless, wiper door assemblies and components, headlight assemblies and components, ----almost anything '68/'69.
Check out some of my other posts for specifics.
Many, many items not advertized.
Call/text/e mail for needs.
210 748 4693
[email protected]

'69-'75 steering wheels, all nice, all original.

$120.00 per shipped to the lower 48.

Have horn buttons, horn contacts, columns, levers, some tele parts, turn signal switches, rag joints, etc.

[email protected]
210 748 4693

Get the stuff the wholesalers won't sell here!
I have a the pieces and parts that you need to repair what Bubba cut/spliced/removed/etc. to your wiring harness.

There are:
Engine compartment pieces
Forward light harness pieces
Dash harness pieces
4 speed and auto pieces
Power window pieces
A/c pieces
Rear light harness pieces
Forward and rear fiber optic pieces
Etc., etc., etc

Some of what you see are complete harnesses.

I will cut any "plug", "connector", relay, wire section, switch, light socket, firewall box, hanger you see.
If you don't see what you need in the photos just ask, I likely have it.
[email protected]
210 748 4693

[email protected]
210 748 4693

Good condition '68 posi--3:55:1
Feb of '68 build date
AN code


210 748 4693
[email protected]

4 speed and auto
pedals, pivots, rods, cables, etc.

$8.00 to $55.00

George 210 748 4693
[email protected]

Headlight assemblies, everything available from the smallest piece to complete assemblies.

"U" bracket $150.00 shipped

Early '68 doors $150.00

Late '68 up doors $120.00

'68 only bezels $225.00

'69 bezels $175.00

vacuum cans $45.00

springs, pivots, nuts, bolts, etc.

210 748 4693
[email protected]

1970 original LT1 carb

Good date, correct metering blocks, needs rebuild/refurbishing.

$450.00 shipped?
[email protected]
210 748 4693

Nice original duct in great condition.
1968 only, will not work on any other year.

$100.00 shipped?

I have the two piece chrome deflector that fits this piece in another of my '68 parts for sale.

[email protected]
210 748 4693

Excellent "survivor" quality original door panel.

No chips/cracks/tears/etc..except for one very small piece not seen when installed and one torn cardboard clip holder.

Needs cleaning.

Going to ask quite a pretty penny for this one:


[email protected]
210 748 4693

Link to photobucket.

There are several albums---look to the right side of page to find more albums.

Hint: hit the "view all" button, it will take a few seconds to load up, but it will save you time in the long run.
[email protected]
210 748 4693

Lots of rear end components:
Threaded yokes, big block caps and bolts for the threaded yokes, rear end cover plates, half shafts, original rear spring bracket to carrier with original bolts, 7 and 9 leaf springs, some mono leaf spring assemblies, rear cross members and bushings, strut rods and assemblies, trailing arm assemblies and components, brake components, shock mounts, drive shafts and yokes (4 speed and automatic), etc., etc.
Give me a hoot,
[email protected]
210 748 4693

New engine and trans

Edelbrock 45400 - Edelbrock Performer 350ci /320HP Engines

Edelbrock #350-45400

GM 350ci / 320hp Engine As-Cast Finish
Performer EPS Intake Manifold
Water Pump Not Included
Fully Assembled
and Ready to Run

Proven performance right out of the box with high-quality Edelbrock SBC components. Based on new GM short blocks with choice of natural finish (as-cast) or polished manifold and heads. 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty (details included with engine).
320 HP
382 ft/lbs TQ
Compression Ratio: 9:1
Maximum recommended RPM is 5500
New GM 350 SBC cast iron short block with 4-bolt mains 1-piece rear main seal
Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads with 70cc combustion chambers and 2.02" Int/1.60" Exh valves
New cast aluminum pistons
Precision-machined crankshaft and steel connecting rods
MSD Pro-Billet Distributor with Blaster 2 coil
Elite series die-cast aluminum valve covers with custom badge
Performer camshaft is matched to the compression ratio, manifold, and carb for maximum performance from idle to 5500 RPM
Edelbrock Performer Series square bore, electric choke, 600 cfm carburetor
Heavy-duty 8" harmonic balancer

Home :: Transmissions :: Auto Trans - Street :: PA35104 - Automatic Transmission
PA35104 - Automatic Transmission

Starting at: $1,624.99
  • Model: PA35104
  • Manufactured by: Performance Transmission
Alto Racing Clutches, Transgo Shift Kit, Aluminum Pan, Hardened Race, Filler Tube, Trans MOunt, 24-2600 Stall, Forever Warranty, Dyno Tested, 550HP.
Transmission Included: Yes
Case Material: Alu
Dipstick Provision: Yes
Dipstick Included: Yes
Fluid Fill Location: Case
Transmission Fluid Included: No
Input Spline Quantity: 30
First Gear Ratio (Automatic Transmissions): 2.52
Transmission Shield Built In: No
Flexplate Shield Built In: No
Electronic Transmission Controller Included: No
Torque Converter Included: Yes
Advertised Flash Stall Rating: 2,400-2,600 rpm
Lockup: No
Furnace-Brazed: Yes

Never fired.
Can include :
Griffin radiator and duel fan assembly

Engine-------------------------$2,500.00------------------------------------------------------ Jegs price $4,900.00
Trans set-up------------------$1,100.00 -------------------------------------------------- Herbert price $1,625.00
Radiator and fan assembly---$ 500.00 ---------------------------------------------------- Catalog price $ 750.00
Headers------------------------$ 100.00

Package deal for all----------$3,600.00 ---------------------------------------------------- Catalog total $7,275.00

[email protected]
210 748 4693

'69 --one year only wiper motor with original headlight washer pump.
Tested and 100% operational.
$350.00 obo

210 748 4693
[email protected]

See anything you need?

E or call me,
[email protected]
210 748 4693

Complete set---$225.00

Have some extra pieces also.
[email protected]
210 748 4693

'68 grill brackets

'68 only and '69 thru '72

"U" braces are $125.00 obo
Bumper extensions are $75.00 obo
Frame extensions (not shown) are $75.00
smaller pieces are $5.00 per

All pieces are solid and straight--(surface rust only)

Also have a couple of '68 only front cross members (not the rusted one in the photo) at $135.00 and '69's at $100.00

[email protected]
210 748 4693

All pieces are original GM production fiberglass:


Bonding strips---$50.00 per?

Have several inner fenders---$100.00 per? Have original "clips" for the dust shields ('68 only?), not reproduced---$25.00 per set of 4?

Partial pieces---$15.00 and up? OBO

Top surround pieces---$50.00 per? obo

$25.00 per ?

$40.00 per?

$20.00 to $45.00 per?

$15.00 per?

These are hard to find---have several--$100.00 per?

Have several nice complete front cowls, both a/c and non---$225.00 per?
Rear tail light panel (above), have several--$$175.00 per?

Have several spare tire carriers, and lids, and mounting hardware/bolts/locks (including the shorter '68 only bolts)---$125.00 per carrier? $25.00 for mounting hardware ($45.00 for '68 hardware)

See anything you need? e me or phone. That's a '68 Belair, 396 (clone 427), auto, a/c, excellent tow car for you drag racers, or just a cruiser--for sale.

'68/'69 rear fenders and misc. $100.00 per fender? Need repair (lips)

'74-'77 stuff

'73---I'll remove/cut off anything you need.

This is a '64 convertible deck lid---I have a few '68 and/69-'75 lids and hardware

Cowls, birdcages, parts/pieces--let me know what you need.

Painting my '70.

'65 FI

Thanks for looking,
Many more pieces not shown.
George [email protected]
210 748 4693

$135.00 per column (bare--no turn signal switch/ hub, horn contacts/ horn button, plastic sleeve) Have 3 or 4 of these.
$300.00 per for complete column (good bearings, working original turn signal switch, hub, horn contacts, horn button, plastic sleeve). Have two of these.
Have a restored tele column ('68 only) also---$1,450.00

Cracked '68 only steering wheels (for core or repair--$70.00?)
Nice '68 steering wheels--$225.00

Have a lot of the '68 column trim pieces also.

I know the one on the left below is a '69 (have 3 of these for sale also---$175.00 per?)

Anything else seen in photos is for sale.

George [email protected]
210 748 4693

Have several refurbished TI distributors---please inquire as to dates/applications.--All are big block.

$700.00 and up for the distributors.

Have harnesses, amp boxes, one new solid state internal, some coils,

Also have many points distributors.

[email protected]
210 748 4693

These are '68 only because there are no mounting holes.
These are polished and in excellent condition.
$350.00 per?

I have a ton of '68 parts.
[email protected]
210 748 4693

I have several doors for sale.
All are rust free.
I have coupe and convertible doors.
Power window and roll up.
All have original dated glass.
Have extra glass, regulators, handles, lock mechanisms, motors, access plates, hinges, shims, etc., etc..
Have some '68 push buttons and trim rings.
Have some bare '68 doors also.
'69 and up doors---complete---$350.00?
'68 doors-----------complete---$600.00?
'68 door shells-----$300.00?
Manual regulators--'68--$125.00? '69 up--$75.00?
P/W regulators---'68--$150.00?----'69 up--$100.00?
'68 only lock mechanisms----$100.00
'69 up lock mechanisms------$50.00
'68 only glass---cp. or vert---$125.00
'69 up glass---cp. only---$'75.00?
'68/early '69 door hinges---upper with spring--$55.00, lower--$40.00?
Shims---free with purchase

George [email protected]
210 748 4693

Have 2 or three original '68 only wiper motors.
All tested and in perfect operation condition.
$125.00 per?
[email protected]
210 748 4693

Have several sets of '68/'69 rocker moldings for sale.
Both top stainless and bottom fiberglass pieces.
Some are new, some are refurbished, some are driver condition.
Will sell as sets, one side, top or bottom.
Let me know what you need.
210 748 4693
[email protected]

More photos when I find them.

Have wiper door and top of fender stainless for ale.
Have '68 and '69--'72 pieces
$100.00 for wiper door pieces.
$25.00 per for top of fender pieces.

Also; have everything for wiper door assemblies.

This is '68 only a/c vent (fits through the wiper switch bezel)


Complete assembly with doors--new.

Have several of these.
Have new lenses also.
$35.00 per?

Have several.
'68 thru '71 dates. Also have a nice set of June 1965 dated 301/302's (used for the '65 396 Corvette engine) $750.00 per or $1300.00 per pair.

All are AIR (smog) pieces. (Except for the '65 301/302 above)
All are original--no reproductions.
All are in excellent condition.
$275.00 per side or $500.00 per pair obo
Have some big block heat riser assemblies also---$75.00 per
Have some donuts, gaskets, studs, nuts, etc.--free with purchase

These are '68 only. Have auto and 4 speed.
Have complete assemblies for $100.00 obo
Auto kickdown switches are $25.00
Will sell brackets, parts/pieces, cables, etc.
Have '69 pieces also.

Now parting out.

More photos here:

4) Original seats, no head rests, good tracks, need covers-----$400.00

5) Rear interior quarter panels with courtesy lights (cp)----$300.00 OBO

6) SOLD---Pop out rear window--complete with glass, frame, halos, latches, trim bezels, gasket----$400.00SOLD
Have two more windows, a couple of trays, and misc. hardware.

7) Rear pop out window storage tray, fiberboard, complete with latch and hinges---$70.00

8) Rear Astro Ventilation assembly, complete with vacuum actuator and tubing-----$150.00

9)SOLD--- Top Dash, black, nice condition---------$175.00--SOLD

10) left lower dash, black, nice condition----$175.00 bare-----$350.00 with speedo and tach

11) lower right dash ('68--no map pocket), black----$150.00

12) Seat belts, original, black, fair condition------------$150.00

13) seat belt guides, ('68 with 4 mounting holes), nice-----$75.00 per, or $125.00 for the pair.

14) SOLD-- door panels, black, good driver condition, all trim, original------$400.00---SOLD

15)---SOLD-- Center gauge bezel ('68--"smooth" finish), one "leg" broken, but hardly noticeable when installed----$175.00---$300.00 with gauges and clock.---SOLD

16) '68 only wiper bezel, nice-------$100.00

17) Aluminum braces under top dash------$50.00

18) '68 only shift plate, 4 speed, no a/c------$150.00

19) '68 only heat/air control mechanism, complete with vacuum hoses/connections-----$125.00

20) Front vent cables and bracket-------------$150.00

21) '68 only kick panels, nice, black, no a/c----$50.00 per or $80.00 for both.

22) Sill plates, driver condition-------$15.00 for the pair

23) '68 only em. brake console, one small crack, black, Original------$125.00

24) SOLD---forward console, driver condition----$100.00---SOLD

25) Radio cover panels, forward or console, '68 only, $45.00 each, or $75.00 for the pair

26) windshield pillar posts, nice condition----$75.00

27) windshield header trim, nice condition----$70.00 for coupe, $125.00 for convertible

28) T-Bar trim, nice----$90.00

29) T-Tops with nice black liners, good latches---$150.00

30) 4 speed pedal assembly-----$150.00

31) '68 only brake light switch (mounts on pedal assembly)----$125.00---have 3 of these.

32) All heater ducting-----$350.00 for all, or will sell individual pieces.

33) Inner heater box and control cables----$175.00

34) outer heater box and fan----$125.00

35) Vacuum tank---$125.00

36) windshield wiper door assembly, complete, nice condition, every little piece and part---$750.00---or will part out.

37) SOLD---Reproduction front grills with parking light assemblies----$250.00-- or will sell pieces/parts.--SOLD

37) original, '68 only center grill---$125.00

38) '68 only grill brackets---$225.00 for the set---or will sell individuals

39) Top of fender stainless, '68only----$150.00 pair, or $85.00 per

40)SOLD--- '68 only rear exhaust panel with reverse light assemblies----------$350.00---SOLD--Have extra reverse light assemblies--$100.00 per

41)SOLD-- '68 only fuel lid, correct riveted emblem, nice condition---$350.00---SOLD

42) I have plenty of windshield pillar post stainless, top of windshield stainless, and both cp. and conv. windshield header stainless---all of these pieces are '68 only.

43) '68 only headlight assemblies, both early (small door) and late, including '68 only "no hole" metal bezels. Complete assemblies with correct bezels---$850.00

44) front crossmember, '68 only, nice------$155.00

45) '68 and '68 front and rear bumpers, bumper support brackets, hardware, frame extensions, etc---Please inquire. All bumpers are original, some good driver condition, some re-chromed, some in need.

46) Gas tanks and braces and straps, and filler necks.

47) spare tire carriers, mounting hardware, locks

48) Ralley wheels--One original '68 AG code, Dated June of '68 (so for a rather late car)--Have 6, 7, 8 inch wheels, AZ, FB, DC, etc.

49) '68 only doors, both coupe and convertible, complete, shells, skins, locks, trim bezels, hardware, latches, rods, push button assemblies, etc.

50) a few dated side mirrors, many rear view mirrors and hardware (cp. and vert.)

51) Exhaust manifolds, brackets, pulleys, smog components, distributors, blocks, heads, intake manifolds, vacuum fittings, valve covers, front timing covers, oil pans, balancers, mufflers, pipes, hangers.

52) nice original '68 only exhaust tips---excellent---$250.00

53) Many more parts.

manifolds--1x4-3x2-original + Okay Forum,Here's another link to my photo bucket----this one is of intake manifolds.
All are Aluminum, factory original, plus 1 over the counter GM, and a few aftermarket items.
Link--- at end of post is working.

'65 3866963----$400.00----Plenum cut--396/425hp Corvette and Chevelle

'66 3885069----$600.00----Perfect--- 427/450hp Corvette 3 hole plenum

'66 3885069----$550.00----Perfect----2 hole plenum for '68 427/425hp Camaro and passenger, but outward appearances pass as '66 427'450hp Corvette

'67 3886093----$600.00----Perfect---Corvette L88 427/430hp

SOLD----'67 3890490----$500.00----Perfect---327/350hp---SOLD

'67 3890490----$300.00----bit of corrosion at thermostat,but it does not leak.

SOLD---'67 3894382--$2,200.00----Perfect, original, not a reproduction---3 x 2 oval port 427/400hp---SOLD

SOLD---'67 3894382--$2,000.00----Nice------same as above
Have matching carbs for above intake dated September of 1966, and original air cleaner, also some original '67 "smog" valve covers thar have been chromed.---All SOLD but valve covers.

'67/'68 3917610---$550.00---Perfect---Camaro Z28 302/290hp

'68 3919849---$350.00---Nice----427/390hp 1 x 4

'68 3919849---$450.00---Perfect---As above
Carb is SOLD--Have the original matching Q-Jet for the above manifold---427/390hp--7028209FG--dated rather late in the '68 production run---$1,000.00--also have the original air cleaner and filter, exhaust manifolds and------

Ta Da,

drum roll please,

Late production 1968 427/390hp original, complete A.I.R. (smog) system--every piece, all as it left the factory, dated, stamped, original marked hoses, etc., etc---$2,000.00

Actually have the complete engine----everything---as it came from the factory, late production, air cleaner to oil pan, fan/clutch to flywheel (have a couple of M21 transmissions for '68's, but not matched to this engine), exhaust manifolds, dip stick, shielding, distributor, correct/dated carb, clips, retainers, valve covers, every bracket and bolt original and correct. Excellent stamp pad broaching and stamping, low mileage---truly a "time capsule" example from 1968.---$6,000.00---will include the above original AIR (smog) system for a total price of $7,500.00.
Might part it all out---let me know what you need. Just so you know, I'll want $1,250.00 for the carb, $450.00 for the air cleaner assembly, you know what I want for the AIR system, $300.00 for the fan, $650.00 for the fan clutch, $500 for the valve covers, $325.00 for the intake manifold, $125.00 for the intake manifold blots, $75.00 for the thermostat housing and another $50.00 for the correct bolts, $700.00 for the heads and another $125.00 for the bolts, $300.00 for the oil pan, $150.00 for the front timing cover, $250.00 for the correct dip stick, $3,000.00 for the short block, $100.00 for the balancer, $125.00 for the cast iron lower crank pulley and another $40.0 for the correct bolts, $225.00 for the water pump and bolts, another $150.00 for the pulleys, $450.00 for the distributor, $250.00 for the shielding, $125.00 for the oil filter canister, $100.00 for the engine lift brackets, etc., etc.

'68 3919852---$1,200.00---Nice---Corvette 427/435hp 3 x 2

Have a couple of Hi-Per 3 x 2 air cleaners and a matched set of 4speed 3 x 2 carbs dated March of '68

Might have another 852--need to check.

SOLD---'68/'69 3933163---$600.00---Perfect--- 427/425hp Camaro/Chevelle---SOLD

'68/'69 3933163---$300.00---Perfect---427/425hp---GM over the counter replacement.

SOLD---'69 (and very late '68)---3937797---$1,400.00---Perfect--427/435hp Corvette---SOLD---Have 2 more of these---$1,250.00 per.

Have three of these (2 are perfect and one has some repairs) asking $900.00 for the welded piece.

Last of the aluminum intakes are aftermarket --small and big block---$Cheap

Forgot about this one--Winter's snowflake, Big Block, Rec. port, but I cannot find an application for it? Prototype/racing/Marine?

Also have a nice Offenhauser small block Chevy side by side 2 x 4 aluminum intake (it has '66 Mopar carbs on it)--$500.00

Have some small and big block cast iron intakes also--'57 thru '68

Have some 1 x 4 Hi-Per air cleaner bases and lids, steel and aluminum valve covers, timing covers, oil pans, dip sticks, etc.

Also have oval and rectangular port big block heads---1965 396/425hp 208's---$2,250.00 per set, '1967 427/390hp 390's----$700.00 per set, 391's, 1968 and 1969 427/435hp 840's---$1,200.00 per set, 1967 427/390hp 802's ---$700.00 per set, 063's, 290's, 291's--Also 1967 427/435hp aluminum 392's----$2,800.00 per set and 1968 427/435hp aluminum 842's---$2,500.00 per set.

Have some TI distributors/amps/harnesses---the '66 and the '67 TI units are sold. Have some '68 and '69 units availavle, and a couple of the 263 ball baring units. Have amps and harnesses.

Please see all of the manifold photos in my photobucket

210 748 4693
[email protected]

There are several albums in my photo bucket---please review any that interest you.

All cars have clean, non salvage titles.

1) '68 vert., 427/435hp (no engine), has original 4 speed, posi and F41 suspension, Red/Red vinyl, head rest seats, basket case (complete), lots of documentation---$5K or part out

2) '68 cp., 427/435hp, 4 speed, Safari Yellow/Black vinyl, no engine, no documentation, has all 427 Hi Horse Power components, tele column, speed minder speedo, has one piece hand laid front cap installed, complete car---$5K or part out

3) '68 vert., 327/350hp, 4 speed, LeMans Blue/Blue vinyl, air conditioned, Street rods suspension package, frame powder coated (beautiful), basket case, no front cap, parting out or will sell all for $6K.---SOLD --Cowl back body sale pending---SOLD---will post better photos of frame/suspension when body pulled.
Hard top is sold
Have a lot of '68 only parts with this.

4) '68 cp., 327/300hp, auto, air conditioned, Red/Gunmetal vinyl, no front cap, complete, minimal rust in frame (easy repair or I can do it for you), parting out or sell for $4K.---lots of good interior parts, good bumpers, good rear clip, good windshield frame and birdcage, good wiper door assembly, good a/c components, complete pop out rear window assembly and tray, T-Tops, good stainless, forward console and panels, good top dash, etc., etc.

5) '68 vert., 327/350hp, air conditioned, 4 speed, LeMans Blue/Blue vinyl, TI ignition, 370 posi, two top, no engine or trans, have all paperwork from factory (one family owned car), including order sheet, protecto plate, original title, radio instruction booklet and tag, instruction tags, etc., etc.. basket case, good, rust free rolling frame, most components there including headlight assemblies, wiper door assembly, bumpers, brackets, doors, stainless, etc., etc., But---body is toast---rusted birdcage and windshield frame, no front clip, no rear clip, just a "cockpit". Parting out or sell for $4K. Price reduced. The original factory paperwork is worth quite a pretty penny.

----SOLD---- '69 cp, 350/300hp Original engine, auto, British Green/Black vinyl, nice body, rusted frame in rear, interior gutted, otherwise complete.
Parting out or sell for $3.5K.---Sale pending minus engine and headlights, ----SOLD


1) Everything for '68 except original "relief" finned turn signal grills, and I do mean everything. Only one shift plate left (4 sp with a/c)

2) Everything for '69.

3) Many '70-'72 parts.

210 748 4693
[email protected]

Please see my listing for C1 and C2 cars/parts

All big block hoods have been sold (except for a couple of original L88'S).

SOLD----1970 LT1 hood--nice--$1,000.00---SOLD

SOLD---'69 427, original, red, with nice Chrome inserts, latches/cable
very nice condition----$1,100.00--SOLD

Sold--'70 LT1, original, in primer, very nice condition----$1,000.00---Sold

Sold--'70 454, original, in primer, very nice condition---$1,000.00---Sold

'68 L88, original, air box removed,----------------- $ 700.00

Sold----'68 L88, reproduction, no air box--------------------$ 500.00 Sold pending payment. Thanks Jim.---Sold

'68 L88, original, complete with air box, some old repairs, ---$1,000.00

SOLD--'69 L88, original, complete with air box, very nice condition----$2,000.00--SOLD

Two---'69 small block, original, very nice condition, latches and cable,------$200.00 each, or $125.00 without latches/cables.

Two---'68, small block, original, some repairs, $100.00 each

Have '68 only male and female hood latches and cables available. $125.00 per set

Have '69-'72 male and female hood latches and cables available. $75.00 per set

Have original hood props--'68-'72---$40.00

I am in South Central Texas, just North of San Antonio.

I accept cash, money orders, Paypal, personal checks (must clear before I ship), and barter (trades).

I ship via USPS, UPS, Fedex, Bus, and various freight companies for the heavier items (engines, frames, etc.).

I do not charge for packaging/handling (unless I need to build a crate for an engine, etc.), glad to combine shipments to reduce costs, and will ship according to your request (ie: Carrier of your choice, ammount of insurance, Sat. delivery, signed, etc.).

In some instances I may be able to personally deliver or meet you if I happen to be going your way---this is generally in the Texas areas of Dallas and Houston, but I do make some road trips and have contacts with over the road truckers that can at times be utilized.

1) SOLD--- 928 TI dist. with amp and harness (w w/g wire pigtail cut)-$ 850.00---Very nice Transistorized dist.--Offers?---SOLD
2) SOLD-- Original big block hood, red, nice chrome insets, latches---$1,000.00---Offers? ---SOLD
SOLD---3) '69 only wiper motor with headlight washer pump----------$ 350.00---SOLD--have 2 more. I have a few of the headlight washer pumps also.
4) wiper door actuator and bracket--------------------------$ 75.00
5) wiper door override switch------------------------------- $ 50.00----On the cowl.
6) 827/828 exhaust manifolds w/A.I.R holes------------------$ 500.00---These are very nice and originals
7) Standard steering column w/key, nice condition-----------$ 250.00--nice, good turn signal switch.
8) exhaust panel (under car exhaust) (one repair-original)----$ 100.00
9) big block dist shielding-----------------------------------$ 50.00
SOLD--10) 621 bell housing----------------------------------------$ 175.00----SOLD--Thanks
11) washer bag with original cap/hose-----------------------$ 125.00---SOLD--Thanks CF---Have 3 more of these
12) 4 ralleys (no trim) dated K18 9 19AZ (Sept. 19, 1968) $ 250.00---Good original ralleys--Have a bunch or rings and caps
13) steering box (unknown condition, but he said it was fine?) $ 50.00

SOLD--14) A/C components--complete (except for the wiper bezel and the console control/vacuum tubing)---inner and outer boxes, hard lines, mufler, brackets, evap, condensor, ducting, 3 groove water pump pulley, compressor, etc.--SOLD--have a few more pieces

I have some misc. a/c pieces--brackets, evap boxes, ducting, compressors, hoses, brass caps, a/c wiper bezels, a/c control units with complete vacuum tubing, inner boxes and controls, flappers, vacuum, wiring, Big Block brass expansion tanks and brackets, etc., etc.

I do have a correct wiper bezel, the console controls, the vacuum tubing, and any electrical that is needed from another '69 a/c car.
He kept that stuff in his Vette for appearances/fill the holes.

He has a nice set of big block pipe/mufflers and tips--very low mileage in great condition---$300.00?

Also has a nitrous kit.---If interested I'll get the specific info.

Big Block with a/c expansion tanks.
I have 3 of these, but one may be sold.---J69 SOLD
These are nice, no corrosion, good hose nipples, etc.
Have original brackets and bolts also.
Looking for $225.00 for tank, and $225.00 for set of brackets.
The one pending is dated J69, the other two are dated 70 and 71 (don't have the months in front of me).

Will post photos later. Link to photobucket:

Car and parts located in South Central Texas, near San Antonio.

Big items:

Update: Update: Update: Update:

SOLD----Update on frame and suspension package.---SOLD

Thanks to a fellow Forum member I have identified the supension package on this frame----
Vette Brakes and performance "SKU 42000" Full performance set----This is a $2,400.00 se

2) SOLD--- Cowl back convertible body (a/c car--4 sp.)--Nice birdcage/rocker channels/nice cowl, floors/nice rear body panels,--SOLD

new gas tank---$125.00

3) SOLD---SOLD---Complete hard top---Stainless/glass/weather stripping/liner/latches, etc.---$700.00

4) Soft top frame, no rust, needs canvas and weatherstripping----$650.00

5) Wiper door assembly---mechanism/door/grill with early '68 wiper nozzles/stainless trim and top of fender trim pieces/actuator/over ride switch/under dash over ride set-up/ etc., etc.---$650.00---not all items in photo, but all components here. Have extra pieces---grills, doors, stainless, mechanisms, vacuum cans, switches, nozzles, brackets, etc., etc.

6) '68 head light assemblies--Early, small door, metal bezels---$700.00

Two 4 speed drive shafts with yokes----$75.00 each Yokes worth this price.
New gas tank filler neck/cap-overflow cup---$75.00
Vacuum storage tank (two port) new paint---$100.00
A/C radiator support------$200.00--SOLD--Have another and a non a/c support
Metal fan shroud----$125.00---Sold one, have another
SOLD--- and '68 only lower shroud--$125.00---SOLD
Early '68 2 piece top receivers (on corners of windshield frame)---$200.00--sold one set, have another
'68 only top of windshield frame stainless (no mounting holes)/nice---$300.00
SOLD---Early 1st design "smooth" door handles---$125.00---Sold one set, have another.--SOLD
'68 door push buttons with trim bezels---$125.00 each--sold a couple, have a couple left.
'68 only door lock mechanisms---$100.00 each--sold two lefts, have a few right and left yet to sell.
Left dash, black, 6000 red line tach (327/350hp) and speedo---$175.00
Right dash '68 only, no map pocket---$100.00

'68 only interior pieces---2 sets of forward console extensions---$35.00 per piece
Convertible rear quarter panel interior trim----$150.00 each--Sold---working on another pair----Have complete cp. panels with courtey lamp assemblies available.
Convertible windshield header trim---$75.00
'68 steering column trim pieces (two sets)---$100.00 per set--Sold some--have more.

Bumper brackets--(all), and some extras---$10.00 to $75.00
Front "U" brace----$125.00--Sold ---have others.
4 speed pedal assembly and braces (no brake light switch)---$125.00--Sold one---have more.
'68 only brake light switch---$125.00---Sold two, have two more.
Rear view mirror and mounting bracket (convertible)---$50.00
'68 "smooth" gauge bezel (broken at thin areas) and green faced gauges---$150.00
Front parking light grills ('69 style) with lights and Chrome "hockey" sticks---$150.00 for the set, or split up--Sold--have some more.
'68 outer door handles (fair) $10.00 per, inner door lock knobs $5.00, 4 of the control rods-$10.00 per, one window handle $5.00, two of the spacers that go between the window handle and the door panel $5.00 per, and a couple of the access plates $10.00 small, $20.00 large-
4 '68 tail light lenses (no cracks)---$105.00 for all or $40.00 per--Sold a few, have a few more.
4 nice derby caps----$35.00 each---Sold a set---Have more.
'68 only wiper motor---$125.00--Sale pending--Have a couple more.
5 drop down air cleaner bases (350hp)---$50.00 each--Sold one.
2 chrome air cleaner lids (need chrome) $25.00 each
All wiring harnesses---dash, front lights, engine compartment, rear lights and fiver optics---I need to inspect these for completeness---will price when condition is determined. Do have extra sockets/partial harness pieces/etc. for those of you who need a piece or part. Have sold a few pieces and parts, have a lot more.
Side marker lights and brackets (4)---$25.00 for the set
'68 only reverse light housings/pigtails--$75.00 each ($125.00 pair)
'68 gas pedal, bracket, and cable assembly---$100.00--'68 only, hard to find.
4 speed shifter and linkage, with mount bracket, and rear trans bracket---$200.00 for the assembly--Sold one, have a few more.
2 4 speed shift plates ('68 only)---$100.00 per---Gone---might have another coning in.
2 sets of rocker moldings (lower fiberglass and upper stainless trim)-- fair condition----$140.00 per set
Smog pump and diverter valve, and one side hose/check valve/exhaust tube ---need to check numbers and Julian date-- will price when determined.
"Z" bar and clutch rod----$50.00
'69 steering wheel---$75.00---Sold.
Have 5 more---4 are perfect ($100.00)
top piece of ignition shielding and a couple of the side and spark plug pieces---$50.00
2 radio ground plates---$10.00 per
1 early, '68 only "square" cornered rear ventilation grill---These are difficult to find---$75.00
Pile of center cowl braces, brackets, and the seat belt and shoulder belt under body reinforcements---all powder coated--Will sell all for $200.00 or split up
Spare tire tub assembly---top/bottom/correct bolts (6" for '68)---nice condition------$150.00
SOLD--Front crossmember, '68 only, powder coated, nice----$125.00--SOLD
Extra headlight lid--later '68---$100.00
Misc. A/C components---
Early radio---need to check if it's '68 or '69 and if it's mono or stereo---Will price when determined.

All prices are OBO.

1) SOLD---Convertible body/title-------$2,500.00---SOLD
2) SOLD--- Hard top-------------------$ 700.00---SOLD
3) Soft top-------------------$ 900.00
4) wiper door assembly--------$ 650.00
5) early '68 headlight asmbs.---$ 700.00
6) bumper set-----------------$ 400.00

parts not listed/priced ( smog, a/c components (braces, compressor, ducting, '68 only center air deflector, etc.) , wiring, steering col./wheel, bumper braces/brackets, 2nd left lower dash w/speedo/tach, '74 exp. tank (aluminum), headlight shields, hood, hood latches and support, rear compartment doors, power brake booster, master cylinder (correct with bleeders), horn, em. brake handle assembly, door hinges and new springs, splash shields, headlight support bar, top surround reinforcement bar, top dash braces, door mirror, '68 only wiper arms.

210 748 4693
[email protected]

Icrisp2bgone 07-17-2012 12:56 AM

I am looking for a 68 427 crankshaft pulley

1960fi 07-17-2012 09:06 AM

Originally Posted by Icrisp2bgone (Post 1581334033)
I am looking for a 68 427 crankshaft pulley

Steel or cast iron?

Icrisp2bgone 07-17-2012 12:42 PM

Not really sure, just began this project a few months ago and finding out that the front end was wrecked pretty bad at one time. the brackets to the grill were from a 69 and the crankshaft pulley that was on it before was for a 327. Just had the engine rebuilt and would like to put it back as close to original as possible. The brackets that go on it were rather high so i fabricated my own.

1960fi 07-17-2012 12:45 PM

Originally Posted by Icrisp2bgone (Post 1581336904)
Not really sure, just began this project a few months ago and finding out that the front end was wrecked pretty bad at one time. the brackets to the grill were from a 69 and the crankshaft pulley that was on it before was for a 327. Just had the engine rebuilt and would like to put it back as close to original as possible. The brackets that go on it were rather high so i fabricated my own.

What horse power engine and what options (power steering, air conditioning, etc.?

Icrisp2bgone 07-17-2012 01:01 PM

its 390 horse, no p/s or ac.

Icrisp2bgone 07-17-2012 01:19 PM

I got to go put the inside back together my control arm shaft should be in tomorrow and am trying to get the inside and the control arms back together by friday. Will check this again this evening. Appreciate any knowledge you may have on this. Never been so overwhelmed with numbers in my life.

1960fi 07-17-2012 01:29 PM

Corvette Central sells a std. big block crankshaft pulley for $56.00.

1960fi 05-27-2014 09:52 AM

Edited and back to the top.
[email protected]
210 748 4693

Samason 07-03-2014 02:56 PM

Looking for the back up light assemblies for a 68. Have the wiring and lights, but missing th elight assemblies, seals, lenses, and hardware. Got anything?

Also would be curious if you have a spare engine, preferably a complete 427:rock::rofl::rock::crazy: I know, but i had to ask!:lol:

ch3098 07-03-2014 03:46 PM

Parts needed
PM Sent

1960fi 07-04-2014 07:56 AM

Originally Posted by Samason (Post 1587278625)
Looking for the back up light assemblies for a 68. Have the wiring and lights, but missing th elight assemblies, seals, lenses, and hardware. Got anything?----Could you send photos of what u have so I can tell what u need?

Also would be curious if you have a spare engine, preferably a complete 427:rock::rofl::rock::crazy: I know, but i had to ask!:lol:

-----I do have a '68 427/390HP long block.

[email protected]

twinpack 07-04-2014 01:49 PM

Would be interested in the NEW 3 door compartment frame with doors if it's for a 68 convertible. Also would like a price for a pair (LH/RH) rocker trim in very good to new condition. All 4 pieces.
Still in need of interior rear quarter panels. Everything is for a 1968 early convertible.

1960fi 09-20-2014 03:41 PM


1960fi 06-29-2015 12:49 PM


lvmyvt76 07-01-2015 05:57 PM

any hoods for a 76?? ( 76 year only)

1960fi 07-08-2015 09:17 AM

Originally Posted by lvmyvt76 (Post 1589960928)
any hoods for a 76?? ( 76 year only)

Sorry, no.

bobs76stingray 08-28-2015 06:49 AM

upper dash pad
do you have a upper dash pad for 76,and the condition with price?

1960fi 09-10-2015 02:05 PM

do you have a upper dash pad for 76,and the condition with price?[/QUOTE]

Sorry, no.

bmans vette 09-12-2015 01:20 AM

Have any front flares that were attached/molded into a 75?
Looking to add 2" to my fronts.

Nice collection of stuff you got there.....:thumbs:

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