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LoveTwoFly 04-03-2019 06:59 PM

2019 ZR1 A8 2nd Gear Issue
Hello Tadge

I have had an issue on my ZR1, auto trans, I could not get an answer for. At Spring Mountain last week I found out the ZR1 I was driving (15A) had the same issue.
Setup: any mode, any gear, any speed, foot off the gas---
as you down shift using engine compression to slow down, or in AUTO using brake, or just letting it run out and down shift on it's own, when you get to 2nd gear and the RPM drops BELOW 3000, you lose engine compression braking feels like you have put it in NEUTRAL--- sounds like the engine is still being fed gas above 3000, engine gives you braking. No other gear does this. I can't understand this issue as I often use downshifting to slow on the streets and 2nd just keeps rolling. Now if you are on the track running higher RPM'S, you will never see this.
Suspect 1, it may be a software glitch, or 2, a mechanical problem.
I first noticed this issue in SOCAL freeway stop/n/go traffic.
Doug Shaw

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