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johnglenntwo 05-13-2019 03:50 PM

CO2 in the atmosphere just exceeded 415 parts per million for the first time in human
Don't even start some of you!:nonod:

BLZNSDL 05-13-2019 03:55 PM

plants in the amazon dig it, explains recent exponetial growth of the amazon rain forest pumping out oxygen at record levels - go look for the link

colo63sw 05-13-2019 03:59 PM

"will cost the U.S. alone some $500 billion per year by 2090."

These guys seem pretty optimistic for doomsayers; projecting things out to 2090. Al Gore should be trying to shut them down. Mankind will fry long before then.

owebo 05-13-2019 03:59 PM

Did you have a Point?

Grumpy 05-13-2019 04:00 PM

The Creeper 05-13-2019 04:00 PM

My tomatoes, squash, and cabbage are doing great this year. Keep up the good work humans.:thumbs:

DSOMDream 05-13-2019 04:01 PM

I guess that we are all doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Paul

johnglenntwo 05-13-2019 04:02 PM

Yes! ;)

Originally Posted by owebo (Post 1599395508)
Did you have a Point?

Don't even start!:trainwreck:

owebo 05-13-2019 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by johnglenntwo (Post 1599395534)
Don't even start!:trainwreck:

So you have no point.....

Silver05GTO 05-13-2019 04:04 PM

Snow falling in MA on mothers day....I've been around over 40 years and never seen snow falling this late into the spring. No global warming here.

NoOne 05-13-2019 04:08 PM

So what?

That is 5X before what is even considered mildly toxic.

At that rate of increase it'll be 150 years before we get anywhere close.

By then something else will come along.

tikiman 05-13-2019 04:09 PM

Originally Posted by owebo (Post 1599395508)
Did you have a Point?

Hey, at least the moron used English to post this time. Baby steps.

Near as I can tell, the OP should sell his Corvette immediately so as to not be part of the problem. Probably should stop eating red meat, heating or cooling his home, and taking hot showers as well. Hopefully the retard has a nearby creek with which to do his laundry each week. Forget the Tide, just pound them with stones. Think of the baby polar bears.

johnglenntwo 05-13-2019 04:10 PM

Interesting! ;)

Originally Posted by Grumpy (Post 1599395518)

Great, right after World social reform kicks in!:cheers:

KenHorse 05-13-2019 04:29 PM

As soon as there is peer reviewed demonstration of a causal relationship between atmospheric CO2 levels and planetary temperature (which there isn't), as well as solar output being factored into the various computer models used to "forecast" MMGW, get back to me and MAYBE I'll give a flying fuck......

MonsterMark 05-13-2019 04:35 PM

Who would have thought my taking a dump in the backyard was saving the planet.

One crap is good for 30 years worth of carbon sequestration. Woohoo.

KarlK 05-13-2019 04:36 PM

BFD, the giants are going to kill us first

Torqaholic 05-13-2019 04:49 PM

Amazing that plants survive on such a low amount.

Mikado463 05-13-2019 04:55 PM

Originally Posted by KarlK (Post 1599395713)
BFD, the giants are going to kill us first

gotta beat the Dodgers first ............

GS Ragtop 05-13-2019 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by Grumpy (Post 1599395518)

Here's an interesting comment on that video:

This is hilarious! Bless their hearts. It's like watching small children trying to explain how the magician is able to pull a rabbit out of his hat because the volunteer from the audience waved the wand over it and said the magic word, but reality just completely eludes them. It's cute in a way. The grass isn't taking carbon out of the atmosphere and putting into the soil. Grass doesn't do that. Plants take in CO2 through osmosis and use it to make their food using photosynthesis and their byproduct is oxygen and water vapor. Animals then take in the oxygen through respiration that the plants produce from the carbon dioxide and then release carbon dioxide and water vapor and the cycle starts all over again.

The soil on these farms in this video is showing more carbon because they are literally spreading carbon on the ground. The carbon is the compost they're spreading. It's silly that they're not understanding this simple fact that compost is entirely made up of organic matter which is primarily carbon. All life is carbon based. Plants, animals, insects, algae, all life is literally made of carbon. So when you spread decomposing matter from things that were once alive you are literally spreading massive amounts of carbon onto the soil. Yes, the compost is excellent for the soil and the plants because it deposits lots of carbon and other nutrients back into the soil. This has been practiced for thousands of years and is good to do. It’s nothing new! Unfortunately, most farms stopped this practice decades ago which is a major reason why the soils all around the world are completely depleted of essential minerals and other nutrients which of course is the reason our food is seriously nutrient deficient compared to crops grown just 50 years ago.

The real problem is that the people in this video, and many in the general public, don’t seem to comprehend or remember for some weird reason, even though we all learned it in elementary school, that carbon dioxide is an essential, required part of earth’s eco system. Every molecule of carbon dioxide is 1 atom of carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen, hence the periodic table designation of CO2. In other words each molecule of CO2 has twice as much oxygen as it does carbon. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are intimately linked. When CO2 in our atmosphere increases, automatically so too does oxygen. When CO2 decreases so too does oxygen. All plant life requires CO2 and all animal life requires oxygen. It is what is known as a symbiotic relationship. So what do you think would happen to all life on earth if we got rid of oxygen? What do you think would happen to all life on earth if we got rid of carbon dioxide? If your answer to both questions is everything would die, you’re exactly right.

You may be surprised to learn that during prehistoric periods, like the Triassic and Mesozoic, CO2 in earth’s atmosphere was as much as 500 times greater than it is today. Those higher levels of CO2 also, by default, meant much higher levels of oxygen in the atmosphere which is why earth was so densely populated with life during those times, jungles pretty much covered the earth and many animals were very large. Today earth has the lowest level of CO2 in its atmosphere than it has ever had in its history. We are quite literally in a carbon deficiency. Like all the other planets and moons with atmospheres in our solar system, our atmosphere is constantly being stripped away by our sun. The solar wind is a constant bombardment of charged particles that create a constant, non-stop off-gassing of our atmosphere into space as well as all the atmospheres of every planet and moon in our solar system that has an atmosphere. Those atmospheres must constantly be replenished by whatever mechanism is in place on those planets and moons. Other planets like Venus or Saturn and moons like Titan and Io have atmospheres of different gases like sulfur dioxide, methane, hydrogen, etc. Their atmospheres are being constantly replenished by the sources of those gases on those planets like volcanoes which spew sulfur dioxide or other mechanisms.

Earth’s mechanism that replenishes its atmosphere of Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other trace gases is earth’s life forms, plants and animals. What happens if one of the essential gases like CO2 stops being replenished? That’s right, bad things. So why do so many people believe the nonsense that CO2 is somehow bad? Why do so many well meaning people think that CO2 is heating up our planet and that humans are to blame for it? The simple answer, they’ve been lied to. They’re misled. So-called “Clean Energy” is a big business to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Do you think it might be beneficial to big corporations and their minions in the clean energy business to work really hard to vilify a life giving substance like CO2 and manipulate entire populations of people to think its “evil”? If big clean energy corporations can convince everyone that CO2 is somehow bad and that we have to get rid of it and the only way to do that is to let them take over all energy production with solar, wind and other methods, which by the way aren’t actually clean at all, they stand to monopolize energy production worldwide and gain massive, massive profits. Another thing, earth isn’t heating. Why in the world would we want to decrease its temperature? Earth is currently in a cooling phase and has been since the early 2000’s. In the late 80’s and the 90’s earth was warming and in the 70’s and early 80’s it was cooling. Back then they were claiming we were in danger from global freezing which they claimed was also man made. Then when it started warming in the 80’s and 90’s they called it global warming and said it was peoples fault.

Now we’re in a cooling period again and they just say “Climate Change” because they already used the global cooling and global warming cards and of course again they’re claiming it’s our fault. Go figure! So, why do we keep seeing these cooling and warming periods changing about every decade or so? Here’s a hint: it’s the same thing that is causing the climate to warm and cool on all the planets in the solar system. That’s Right! It’s the Sun. Our sun which is classified as a yellow dwarf star, has several cycles it goes through some of the cycles occur every few hundred or few thousand years. There’s another cycle our sun goes through much more frequently, every 11 years. Every 11 years our sun goes through what scientists call a solar minimum and a solar maximum. Every 11 years the sun decrease and increases in sun spot activity and electromagnetic fluctuations and experiences a magnetic reversal of its poles. This is when the magnetic north and south poles of the sun literally flip, south becomes north and north becomes south. This complete reversal in the sun’s magnetic field directly impacts all the planets and moons that orbit it including earth.

So, the next time someone talks to you about climate change remember it’s the sun not people. We are just not that powerful.

johnglenntwo 05-13-2019 05:17 PM

Absolutely, right after they clear up how an exponential increase in faggets...;)

Originally Posted by KenHorse (Post 1599395680)
As soon as there is peer reviewed demonstration of a causal relationship between atmospheric CO2 levels and planetary temperature (which there isn't), as well as solar output being factored into the various computer models used to "forecast" MMGW, get back to me and MAYBE I'll give a flying fuck......

Another words, flying fucks do indeed garner necessary inspection and exposure. Please advise!:jester

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