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mammoth713 06-03-2019 04:03 PM

Can your team offer software update for c7 PDR to be used as dash cam?
I'd like to submit this as a question for Tadge, as I think it would benefit a lot of forum members and have a lot of interest:

Can your team release a software update for PDR where there is an option in the settings to operate in a "dash cam mode":
  • Automatically start PDR when engine is turned on/automatically turn off when engine is turned off
  • Automatically overwrite oldest recorded footage

This relatively "simple" software update would permit c7 owners to use the PDR as a dash cam. Much of the functionality is already there with valet mode but do not lock the infotainment screen, etc.. I am an engineer myself, and I think this would be a low effort, high return software update. Just reuse the code for the valet mode and remove the part that limits infotainment screen etc. Then add another button to the GUI for this "dashcam mode"

If there are any legal issues (?) with the car automatically turning on PDR, recording sound with the engine turning on, then in this requested mode, just start the mode with audio on mute and driver would have to unmute in settings each startup (if they wanted audio each time)

I would gladly pay a reasonable fee (the price of a cheap dashcam) to a dealer to install this update, and I'm sure others would as well since it would be very useful. Then owners don't need clunky aftermarket dashcams and wires all over the cabin.

Obviously c7 is at the end of it's lifecycle, if this is not able to be introduced as a software update, then I would request please integrate this into the c8 PDR software. Ideally it'd be nice if the c8 version could use the rear camera (or even the parking cameras) as part of the "dash cam" functionality as well but I realize that's more complicated and file sizes would increase 2x. Nonetheless, it would be a nice feature for future GM models (in general) to use any onboard cameras toward a "dashcam" style mode. This is a very premium feeling feature that other sports cars do not have integrated into the design from factory; I think it's a missed opportunity to not have this feature built into more of GM's products since it's just software (assuming they already have the camera packages).


jvp 06-03-2019 06:05 PM

Hopefully you can understand why we're not going to be sending this to Tadge. They're done with C7 development, so this will go nowhere.

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