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MikesZ06 is a pain $%$#

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Default MikesZ06 is a pain $%$#

I'm going to let the private messages speak for themselves. First, here's my original post:


He seemed like an awesome guy! I'm not sure what the hell happened, but his attitude seriously degraded over time. Here are the messages:

Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Originally Posted by Mike'sZ06
Originally Posted by Ghostwheel
Hey, just wanted to PM about your transmission. I could squeeze out 1200 maybe 1250 but that would have to be shipped. I don't want to be "that guy" and lowball you so I understand if you have to pass. Would be different if I actually had the money, so I apologize.
I can't go that low. It's a good working transmission and shipping is expensive because of the weight. If anything changes on your end, let me know.
Secured more funds! Just wanted to check the history of it. How often was it tracked or taken to the strip? Have you owned it since new?

I'm the third owner, previous guy had it since 2006. I bought in 2014 with approx. 18,000 miles. I slowly modified it to a heads - really nicely built (I can send more pics of the Vette), looks original, just a bit more re-finished. its at 450rwhp, and just perfect. I wanted to keep the stock stuff to re-install when I would sell the Vette.
I went to the strip once when I bought it stock. It now has a stereo system in it, Dyna mat and heat shield under the carpet, custom steering wheel, etc. It's a fun street car, and the built 3;90 gear I have now fits it perfectly. Still have stock diff too 3;42
Ok, appreciate the details and honesty. Sounds like it should do fine for the next 50k miles. How do you want to start this? PayPal? How do you plan on shipping?

Paypal works. I ship from the Niagara Falls, NY, it's an hour drive from me. I think it still has the oil in it too, which I'll have to drain. I need some time, are you in a rush?
The vette is sitting in a guys garage with transmission out that I pay 150 a week to rent. Quicker would be better.

Please send me your shipping address. I'll try to get it out in the next couple of days. Please forward PayPal payment to [email protected]. I didn't know you're in that much of a rush. I'll do my best.
Thank you
Address is "JK Auto" 9016 Heisler Ave, Henrico, VA 23228. I haven't used Paypal in years so might be a few hours before I can sit down and sort it out. Thanks for making it quick.
Ok. Got your shipping address. If you're having trouble with PayPal, you can also send an e-transfer. Your choice. If you need more time, just let me know.
Yeah my account simply isn't working and the password reset throws some generic error so I'm going to be using my girlfriends. I need to get the cash out from my bank tomorrow and give to her, then I'll be Paypal'ing it to you. Expect it before evening tomorrow.
Sounds good

Received payment, Thank you. Let me see what I can do to get this shipped (Fedex) before Friday. Cheers.

I Just dropped it off. Couldn't make it to the US quick enough (this week), so I paid a bit more and shipped it from here. Tracking #976913010000011.
It should be there by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Thought you should know these sensors were broke when I received it. I looked around the crate because the transmission wasn't strapped down, but I didn't find any pieces, so I assume this was done prior to shipment. I'm swapping in my old ones so I don't have to pay for new sensors but the mechanic is charging a couple hours of labor.
It was tightly packaged and secured with very thick cardboard. I bought the wood, cut and I built the crate myself. I thought it was done well. Did it arrive ok?
When I installed my built transmission, my mechanic re-used my old sensors, he said its best to use my old sensors since he knew they were working. No extra charge. I guess he put those there in it's place. My mechanic didn't charge anything extra. I don't understand the couple of extra hours of work? Both transmissions would be side by side on the table when this is done, plus you know your sensors are in good working order.
Yeah it was pretty rashed inside from it moving around, but I assume the transmission itself is ok. They are charging me by the hour and said it would be an extra two hours. I'm not sure what the procedure is but even if I did I doubt that would change anything. Can't argue with them, I told them it would be a straight replacement.
In my previous message, I explained how well it was packaged. - It was boxed tight in a crate plywood, screwed together, sitting on wooden support, wrapped in thick cardboard. With handles to pick up the crate. Probably one of the better packaging jobs anywhere. What "rashing" are you talking about? From Cardboard?
Your mechanics are taking you for a ride, they're not being honest with you and/or taking advantage of you.
To change the sensor with the transmission sitting on a table is a 5 minute job - Ask any professional.
I gave a great deal on a great transmission And shipped it responsibly and quickly. Have a nice day
Well, you could've told me it had broken sensors. Had I gotten rid of my old transmission I would have had to pay for new ones. God knows how much those would have cost. I haven't looked up the procedure so I don't know how long it should take, you said you had someone else take this off? I'll take a picture of the box next time I see it. The transmission clearly thrashed around in there. Only the bell housing had cardboard protecting it. But whatever, it should be fine. You said its a good transmission, I'm just wondering what else I may not know about it. I'm not asking for anything back, I'm just saying this isn't the professionalism I expected. Anyway, thanks.

LOL. - Two messages earlier you wrote that your mechanic is using your old sensors and switching them. You are clearly LYING now by saying you're buying new. Enough please. You are lying trying to make complaints out of nothing - And your mechanic is just as bad. Good Luck
You missread. Reread it. You're turning this into a **** fest and I'm just trying to be nice about it. Really sad.

I'm not that type of person and I'm sure thats already come across - I'm very fair and honest in life and with what I sell. It's a great transmission that was packaged well. You said you needed it ASAP because you were paying a weekly rental on the space - so I even paid a little more to get it shipped out quickly - You said you were paying rent on the working space. You received it on Nov 17th and no work or anything for 10 days. And now you're making a big production out of nothing. And your mechanic is doing the same. Thats what's sad.

2 weeks ago was the final straw. I went to pick up my old transmission and the mechanic said he got a bill from the department of border control? Or something to that effect. They had to inspect the box when it crossed over from Canada into the US and because the mechanic was the owner of the shop it was sent to, they received a bill of 65$. He apparently called "Mike" asking him to pay for it since he was to cover shipping, but he basically said he was lying or something to that effect. Sounded familiar. So I had to pay him yet another 65$ for the shipping of the transmission. After his shitty attitude over PM, it's just a gigantic pain in my *** and I know I won't be dealing with him anymore. So just a heads up to you guys, this guy is a PITA.

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