Corvette: How to Relocate Your Battery

Clean up the engine bay of your Corvette with this easy do-it-yourself modification.

By Scott Kaufman - January 22, 2015

This article applies to all Corvettes (2005-2013).

Relocating the battery from the engine compartment to the trunk creates several advantages. For folks concerned with appearances, it gives the engine bay a cleaner look . Also, it makes room for performance items like a stand-alone nitrous fuel cell. Moving the weight to the rear of the car also helps with weight transfer on the track.

This is a fairly straightforward, inexpensive DIY project. However, the cost can balloon if the stock battery is exchanged for a smaller, lightweight battery. Pay close attention to the wire ends while you make new battery cables. Failure to properly construct new wires can result in electrical gremlins down the road, which can be hard to diagnose. At worst, it can result in an electrical fire.

This installation was performed on a C6 Corvette, but it applies to any Corvette (and most other vehicles).

Materials Needed

  • Jack and jack stands
  • Wrenches
  • Wiring tools (including tape)
  • Battery
  • Battery tray
  • Cable kit

Step 1 – Remove the battery, battery tray and wires

Remove the positive (red) and negative wires from you battery. Then, remove the hold-down bolt on the bottom of the battery and carefully slide the battery from the compartment. Once the battery is removed, loosen the four 13 mm bolts holding the battery tray and slide it out. Trace your battery cables to the starter, the fuse box, the frame and engine ground. Loosen and remove all bolts, so that the old battery cables are free.

  • Figure 1. Battery tray removed.
  • Figure 2. Battery cables removed.

Step 2 – Mount battery box and battery in passenger's side rear cubby

Test fit your new battery tray in the passenger's side rear cubby area. Make the necessary modifications to allow the bracket and battery to fit. Once any trimming has been done, secure the new tray in with bolts and attach the battery.

  • Figure 3. Adapted battery bracket.
  • Figure 4. New battery tray mock-up.
  • Figure 5. Battery tray bottom.

Step 3 – Construct new battery cables

Now that the old battery and tray has been replaced, you can begin making and connecting new cables.

  • Figure 6. Battery cable crimp.
  • Figure 7. Battery cable terminal.
  • Figure 8. Cover exposed wire with battery cable sleeve.
  • Figure 9. Wrap new battery cable in heat shield material.

Step 4 – Route cables to new positive wires and ground battery

Also, a ground will have to be installed from the battery in the rear to the chassis. To run the wire along the rocker panel, the rear inner fender will need to be removed and then re-installed once the installation is complete.

  • Figure 10. Battery cable routing.
  • Figure 11. Unscrew fender liner and snake the cable through to reach the starter.
  • Figure 12. Positive battery cable connected to starter.
  • Figure 13. Original battery ground at front of chassis.
  • Figure 14. Ground cable connected to block.
  • Figure 15. Ground attached to frame.

Pro Tip

Once the battery is moved to the rear, you can also ground the cable to the Corvette's frame. Make sure the mounting point is free of paint and a clean connection. There will be electric problems if the grounding wire isn't completely secure. The best option is to use multiple grounding points.

Featured Video: How to Make a Battery Grounding Cable

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