1997-2001 C5 Battery Acid Leakage Issue

All 1997 to 2000 C5\’s have a very potential battery leakage problem. The problem isn\’t so much that the battery leaks, but that it leaks on the computer, wiring harness, frame and one vacuum hose for the A/C controls. The battery tray is open in the center, and will direct the acid straight onto your […] More »

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1996 Auto Transmission Removal

This was my first time removing an automatic transmission from a Vette so I thought I\’d share the experience. First off, you\’ll need to get the car elevated. I managed to pull this off with the car on jack stands and less than 13 inches of clearance. Don\’t even think about reinstalling the tranny without […] More »

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1994-1996 Power Antenna Motor Replacement

Let me start off by saying that this is very frustrating to do the first time around. Don\’t worry, and don\’t lose your cool. I did this on my 1994 coupe. It took me around four hours because I didn\’t know what I was doing and the other set of instructions didn\’t detail how to […] More »

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1984-1996 Antenna Bypass Switch

Antenna Bypass Switch 1984-96 My car 1992 A4 Coupe Materials List 1- Toggle switch 2- Crimp connectors (for switch) 8 ft of 16 ga. wire 2- 16 ga. butt connectors (blue) Heat shrink tube I got all this stuff for less than 10 dollars Remove or Disconnect Battery Pass seat & base Console door Console […] More »

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Preview the latest C6 model now!

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