13 of the Ugliest Corvettes You’ve Ever Seen

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Ugly has never been a word synonymous with Corvette. In fact, until recently it was hard for me to imagine any Corvette model being less than awesome in the looks department. For decades, the Corvette has been known for its sleek, aerodynamic body, its low profile, and its fat tires. Interestingly, the biggest cosmetic debate to flare up recently was over the taillights. In 2014, the new Corvette C7 cast away its heritage round lights for more Camaro-esque squared off units. Forum enthusiasts went nuts and threatened to never buy a Corvette again.

But that misstep was nothing compared to some of the custom mods that have been done to the Corvette. A quick lap around Google demonstrates how some people can take one of the world’s best looking automobiles and turn it into something will cause you to scratch your head – if not shout some choice obscenities.

Here are some of the ugliest Corvettes that you will find anywhere. If you have any others to share, please feel free to do so in the comments section!

1. Mutant Gator Vette

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This Shala Vette was driven by Frankenstein, played by David Carradine, in the 1975 movie Death Race 2000. The fact that this movie was produced by Roger Corman says everything.

2. How to Teach Your Dragon To Drive


Somebody actually thought it would be a good idea to add a dragon to the hood and spray paint strange stripes across this Corvette. Oh to be a Dragon Slayer.

3. Don’t Worry Be Happy

I’m sorry but this smile just makes me frown. Smiley faces were fine on lunch bags in the 70s, but on a Corvette? Come on. What if your girlfriend leaves you? Do you add a few tears?

4. Corvette Catering Service

Fender flares and hood vents aren’t the worst modifications you can make, but in the case of this little red Vette (aw, Prince!), it looks like someone stuck a serving tray on the back. Hor d’oeuvres, anyone?

5. Earl Scheib will paint any car…


6. The Disney Corvette

Was this owner of this Corvette hoping to get this gem in “Cars, the live action movie”?

7. Vette Down Under

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, may be the only one caught dead driving this crock-inspired Vette. Oh wait, he’s no longer with us. Too bad this car still is.

8. Pizzaman Dan’s Corvette

So Pizzaman Dan painted his Corvette to promote his pizza business. I’m sure the pizza is great, but the paint job is leaving me a bit queasy. I used to love pepperoni.

9. Moulting Vette

I don’t know about you, but this Vette looks like it’s shedding its skin. That may be fine for a snake, but for a Corvette? Maybe this owner should have applied some sunscreen.

10. Satellite Vette

This Corvette looks like the bastard child of three different cars. About the only thing it has going for it are those taillights – and perhaps the fact that it can probably pick up radio waves from the Messier 81 galaxy.

11. Coupe de Vette

If you crossed a Corvette with a Cadillac Eldorado circa 1979, it might look something like this. Not a good idea in any era.

12. The Corvette Sportwagon

Since the demise of the Corvette trunk, easily accessible cargo areas were definitely on the wish list of many enthusiasts. But the original design of the Corvette Sportwagon in 1968 left a few things to be desired: Like a nice looking car, for instance.

13. Corvette Sonoma

Wine Country Edition – When too much Wine meets Country Engineering.

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