195-MPH C6 Corvette Makes 1,300 HP on ‘Low Boost’

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We can’t wait to see what this stick-shift Corvette runs in the half-mile with the boost cranked up.

You know how exercise is agonizing after avoiding the gym for two years? Everything on your body creaks and groans, and doesn’t work quite as well? Meanwhile, everyone else at the gym looks fit and happy while you’re ready to break in half? You know that feeling. It seems unfair, just like a C6 Corvette running for the first time in two years and pulling off 195 mph in the half-mile.

C6 Corvette Twin-Turbo

YouTuber “BigKleib34 caught up with this twin-turbo Vette at the Wannagofast event in Hot Springs, Virginia. The owner said just about everything in the car was new. As a result, they were easing into the program. Apparently, that meant 20 pounds of boost thrown into the LSX 427 V8.

The Precision Turbo PT6870 snails can toss even more forced air into the engine. However, the break-in process, such as it is, means scaling back. That gives the C6 a mere 1,300 horsepower for the half-mile run.

How does it run? Well, this nasty Corvette screamed through the lights with runs of 184 and then almost 195 mph. Yeah, that’s plenty good for easing into the car. It also puts the car in sight of the manual-transmission half-mile record for Corvettes. The owner thinks the record is around 207 or 208 miles per hour. With much more left in the turbos, we think a 200-mph time slip should be forthcoming, if not a real run at the record.


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All we know is that with the nasty-sounding cam and the whooshing turbos, this ‘Vette sounds like a Navy fighter jet ripping afterburner off an aircraft carrier. Since Wannagofast hosts events on airport runways, that seems fitting.

From the conversation in the video, this Corvette will take a shot at 200 at the Wannagofast event in Indiana. That runs in October at French Lick Municipal Airport. We’ll be excited to see if it can stretch its legs and be back in shape without any aches or pains.

Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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