‘Corvettes at Carlisle’ Continues to Grow in Interesting Ways

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Corvette Barn Find at Corvettes at Carlisle

Raw, untouched (to put it mildly) barn find sells for $10,000 at this year’s annual Pennsylvania event.

It’s no secret that Corvettes at Carlisle is a must-do for fans of America’s Sports Car. But if you need a little more encouragement to finally make the trek to Pennsylvania, maybe this will help.

Based on a report from The Drive, the gathering drew more than 5,000 Corvettes of every model year and from every corner of the country. This included the iconic #60 Agusta Racing Team Callaway Corvette that competed at 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1997.

Was this a diamond in the rough at Corvettes at Carlisle?

The event has also turned into a popular spot for raw, untouched barn finds as well. The sorry-looking C1 pictured here sold for an astounding $10,000 at the event. Pretty wild, huh?

Of course, if you’ve yet to attend the Corvette event, you’ll have to wait until next August. But considering how big it’s getting, you might want to book a hotel soon.

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