1954 Corvette Woody Roadster Pickup

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This snappy little car (about which we previously wrote) was the hit of the Corvette Corral. It was there every day of the Detroit Grand Prix, and I couldn’t resist taking more photos. Often the owner was present explaining how to take down the convertible top, or even allowing children to sit in his car.

George Prentice loves his 1954 Corvette, and is proud to share it. Thanks, George, for sharing your enthusiasm for Corvette’s history in such a tangible way.

Even the color, Pennant Blue Metallic, attracts. This color was also used on the 1968 Cadillac, although they called it Caribe Aqua.

George demonstrated taking the top down, and permitted me to assist. We know it doesn’t have a power top, but we are not expecting there to be parts that are removed and stowed separately in the trunk. My timepiece recorded a take-down time of 4 minutes, 8 seconds with two working on it.

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