Man Loses Three Corvettes in Garage Fire

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Marcus Slater
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Break out the tissues for this one. 
A man in Staunton Illinois lost, three Corvettes and several other vehicles on a fire last tuesday. The stroke of bad luck destroyed a white ’91, a burgundy ’78, and his baby, a ’66 Sting Ray.
The cars weren’t the only thing to go up in flames. Three wave runners, a Harley Davidson, and other vehicles were destroyed as well. With all that hardware it’s not surprising that the fire was especially intense. Fire fighters focused their energies on keeping the blaze contained so that it didn’t jump to three nearby houses. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save anything in the garage.
The tragedy for John Hibbler is the loss of his Sting Ray, a car that he’d owned since 1968. He even had it restored in 2008. It sucks to lose something that’s been with you for a long time, even when it’s a material thing like a car. Here’s to hoping John will find another car that means just as much to him as his Corvette did.
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