Injured Forum Member Lists 1963 and 1967 Corvettes for Sale

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If you’re in the market for a beautiful vintage ‘Vette (or two), then you may want to check these bad boys out.

Life is full of unexpected turns, and although we try our best to navigate the ups and downs carefully, life sometimes has other plans. Such is the case of Corvette Forum member prestige6 (Tom), who we’re sad to hear was recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

c2 corvette

Due to a long recuperation process and other personal reasons, Tom has decided to put up his two babies for sale. One of them is a 1963 Split Window Coupe Fuelie, which sports a stunning Riverside Red 923 paint. The other is a 1967 427 Coupe, though it’s listed as a 427-435 because he has the original block on an engine stand.

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Based on the forum thread, we can see that Tom is a prominent and well-liked member of the Corvette community, which further adds value to his stunning cars. Needless to say, both vehicles look well maintained, and should be an incredible addition to anyone’s stable.

According to the post, the selling price for the 1963 SWC is $129,900, and $139,900 for the silver Coupe.

Any takers?

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