This 1967 Corvette Is an Original Classic

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L79 1967 Corvette is a great example of why custom mods aren’t for everybody.

Hear’s a phrase to remember: “Some things are better left untouched.”

After taking some time to really take in this 1967 L79 Corvette, our guess is that whoever came up with that adage was probably sitting behind the wheel of a classic beauty like this one, which has been left in all of its original glory.

1967 Corvette

We found this car thanks to a Super Chevy report. And the headline truly sums it up best: “1967 L79 Corvette: Leaving Well Enough Alone.”

The lucky owner of this vintage piece of Corvette history is George Lange. He’s owned the car for 26 years. And unlike a lot of owners who’ve been sucked into the world of resto-modifying their classic ‘Vettes, Lange has managed to resist the temptation.

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As a matter of fact, according to Super Chevy, the only things not completely original on Lange’s ’67 L79 are the paint and tires. Apparently, the car was slightly damaged in an accident, which required a new paint job.

The ‘Vette’s cast-alloy bolt-on rally wheels are fitted with modern Goodyear Invicta GL tires measuring 205/75R15.

Everything else has been pretty much kept intact. That includes the original L79 327ci, 350-horsepower small-block under the hood. And the Corvette still has the original Holley R3814A four-barrel carburetor. But Lange did decide to switch things up a bit with the distributor and ignition system by upgrading to the optional K66 transistor ignition system, along with the optional N40 power steering system.

What do you think, is she perfect just the way she is?

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