1967 Corvette ‘Survivor’ is All Original and Ready for A New Owner

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1967 Corvette Convertible Survivor for sale

Stunning Corvette convertible has won awards from the National Corvette Restorers Society and Bloomington Gold.

It certainly has been a busy week in the Corvette Forum car classifieds, and today’s topic is no exception. This 1967 Corvette, posted for sale by Corvette Forum vendor Van Bortel Chevrolet, is an absolute gem.

We could wax poetic about this Turbofire V8-powered ‘Vette all day, but we will spare you, and, instead, just quote the for sale ad, as it appears in the forums.

1967 Corvette Convertible Survivor for sale

We have been honored to have this Corvette in our showroom since we purchased it from the estate of the original owner. But the time has come for us to find the long term home for this very special and rare Corvette. This Corvette is a true survivor and has remained untouched and preserved since being purchased new. The Corvette has 38,812 original miles. Everything is original including the paint, interior, motor, drivetrain, etc. We have spent a lot of time going over the car top to bottom to make sure everything is original and complete and have had the car judged and certified by the NCRS and Bloomington Gold. We have a binder full of original documentation and history of the car. We are looking to find the next owner that can appreciate and continue to preserve this Corvette time capsule.

Factory options: Ermine White, Black Trim, L79 327/350 V8 Turbofire, K66 Transistor IGN, G81 Positract Axle 336, M20 4 SPD Transmission, P92 WSW Tires, C07 Auxiliary Top White, U69 AM/FM Radio, A01 Tinted Glass, N36 Telescopic Steering Wheel, N40 Power Steering. VIN: 194677S105912

Documents: Corvette Order Sheet (dealer’s copy), Build Sheet (still on tank), Corvette Owner Letter and Card, Dealer Sales Worksheet, original bank loan coupon book and papers, original check used to purchase the car, receipts for maintenance and repairs starting 2/10/67, original registration and insurance cards starting with the 1st, 12/27/66 through 6/29/15, NCRS Shipping Data Report, and misc. papers.

Awards: NCRS Regional Top Flight Award (2017), Bloomington Gold Silver Certification (2017), Bloomington Gold Silver Survivor (2017)

Price: $139,995

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

[email protected]

Want to know more? Check out the for sale thread, where Matt from Van Bortel Chevy has been quite active in answering questions from prospective buyers. It’s a big figure price tag, but this is clearly a big figure car, and likely only to further appreciate in value, rareness and desirability, as time goes on.

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