The Corvette Wave: Use It or Lose It? Corvette Forum Members Weigh In

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Some members don’t get waves back, but it seems that most Corvette drivers do actually acknowledge others.

It is well-known that Harley-Davidson riders wave to each other in passing and “Jeepers” are known for doing the same, but one of our members recently started a thread asking if Corvette drivers wave to each other. The OP explained that he waves to other ‘Vette owners, but no one ever waves back, prompting him to ask if waving to other Corvette drivers is unusual.

As it turns out, it seems to be unusual among our membership that Corvette drivers do not wave or do something to acknowledge other lovers of the all-American sports car. There are a few other members who don’t receive waves back, but for the most part, it seems as though this tip-of-the-hat to fellow Corvette drivers is alive and well.

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The Introduction

When the “70RT440” began this thread in the C5 section, he explains what prompted him to ask the community whether or not they wave to others.

I think its an urban legend…never seen it!

I see lots of Corvettes and have given plenty of waves…all have gone unanswered. When I owned a Wrangler, I always got the Jeep wave (palm forward without taking your hand off the wheel). I see Harley riders doing the wave (nonchalant under-the-bars). Never seen the corvette wave. C2-C7, young or old…doesn’t matter.

So what say you, Vette people? Do you often give/get the wave? Is there a special wave that I’m just missing?

The Wave Lives

The first person to reply was “coletrickle35” from California:

I usually flash my lights during the day that is the Corvette wave people usually give me so I give it back . got to be quick to flash those fog lights oncoming lane. Side by side Corvette wave I usually flip the lights or just nod when they wave. Happens all the time

Washington resident “Mr. Black” had similar input:

It’s alive and well here in my area of Western Washington. I get waves, honks, and even revs thrown at me.

I’ve actually been waved at by a fair number of C7 drivers which always takens me aback for some reason. Like I’m not worthy as corny as that sounds.

It isn’t just a West Coast thing, though.

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Zachaeous” from Illinois:

It is alive and well here in Southern Illinois. Once and great while may not get a wave back but that is the exception and not the rule for me

Striper” from New Jersey:

In north Jersey most people wave in all different gen Vettes. Rare to miss a wave, I’m also guilty of missing a wave opp sometimes.

Route99” from North Carolina:

I’ve usually had good response to waving, but will also acknowledge I have missed a car every now and then. Usually if I pull up to another Corvette at a stoplight or get passed by another already on an interstate when I’m merging I typically give a thumbs up in their direction. Almost all are acknowledged. I’m sure the pace is a little slower here in the foothills, though.

Not Everyone Waves

While it seems that many of our members who are involved in the thread wave and get waves back, but there are some people who have noted a lack of replies to their friendly waves.

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Missouri resident “Vetteman Jack”:

I wave, but like you, I am finding the wave is ignored a lot of the time.


Get more waves from Harley riders than Vette owners here in CT.


Lots of vettes in Central Florida lots of them wave but many don’t…….. hate to say it but C1/C2 followed by C7 are the highest percentage of non wavers per generation. I wonder if the people in the super pricey C8 will even look my way?


I don’t see the “wave” much here in E Texas. It has gotten rare to see a C5 (mine is a ’99 black vert) on the road and C7 drivers don’t seem to care to return the greeting. In years gone by when I was driving my ’71 Ontario Orange big block up in the North East the Corvette crew seemed to be much tighter and the “wave” was nearly always exchanged between Corvette drivers regardless of the year/model. The best group I ever saw and been a part of are the Porsche drivers when I spending a lot of time with my 911 and the Porsche Club of America (PCA). Porsche drivers were very tight and always recognized and helped each other whether you were driving an entry level 914 or driving a top of the line turbo. I’ to see the Corvette clubs get more inclusive and friendlier towards each other. Best wishes to all!

Although, at one point in the piece, the OP explains why he thinks that some people might not wave from their Corvette:

One thing that I do acknowledge is that its a bit of a pain in the *** to wave in a Corvette.

A Jeep wave is easy to see because of the tall, upright windshield…but a corvette wave may be harder to see because you’re 2 inches off the ground and sitting in a bunker.

Every time I try to wave with the top up and windows closed, it sounds like Neil Peart is playing YYZ in my car because I hit the window, top, windshield, etc.

I’m sure any other covette driver probably thinks the guy in the black C5 has a bunch of angry hornets in his car.

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