1967 Corvette Stingray Overview

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1967 was planned to be the first year of the 3rd
generation of the Chevrolet Corvette but due to delays in design and the
launch of the new 1967 Camaro, the C3 was held off until 1968. 
However, General Motors made a move to make the 1967 Corvette one of the
most sought after and collectible as 1967 brought us the mighty L88

The base engine was the same with the 300 horsepower 327 followed by
the 350 horsepower variant of the same sized engine.  The base big block
was still a 427 cubic inch engine making 390 horsepower (L36), followed
by a 400hp option (L68) and finally the mighty L88 engine option.  This
monster 427 was basically a race engine in a street car, offering a
stated 430 horsepower but its been proven to make over 500 horsepower. 
There were only 20 L88 Corvettes made in 1967, making them among the
most collectable Corvettes ever offered.  Along with a variety of
internal options, the L88 used a trio of two-barrel carburetors (known
as Tri-Power) to make that huge power.  The main cause for the low sales
was the high price of the L88 option; as the $948 dollar upgrade then
would be similar to a $12,000 dollar increase based on today’s prices. 

The price of the base model 1967 Corvette was around $4,400 and the
main exterior upgrade was the newly designed hood scoop on the 427
Corvettes.  There was also the addition of a five louver fender design
for 1967 and by the end of the year there had been 22,940 1967 Corvettes

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