1984 Corvette Smashes into a Boat in New Zealand

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You don’t see too many Corvettes in New Zealand, no doubt.

You see even fewer coming out of the side of a boat.

But that’s what happened Monday when a 1984 Corvette smashed into a boat moored in the Awanui River.

According to the Northern Advocate, the Corvette left State Highway 1, shot down a bank, flattened a wooden fence, and demolished a jetty before hitting a brand-new boat.

Things could have been worse, though.

“He’s lucky the wharf was there, or he would?ve ended up in the boat or in the tide,” said Keith Doel of Harrison’s Towing in Kaitaia, adding that it was the first car-boat crash he had answered.

The driver took off running after the crash, but he later was discovered to be a 52-year-old man from Kaingaroa after calling in to claim his belongings in the Corvette. Police say he’ll be charged according to his driving before the accident after they finish talking with witnesses.

One of those witnesses was Craig Harrison, who was working on the boat when the crash occurred and says he got “a bit of a fright”? from all the commotion. He said he looked up when he heard the growl of the V8 motor just in time to see the Corvette skittle the fence and head straight for him.

While the crash demolished the jetty, fortunately it didn’t harm the aluminum landing craft called Jet Runner that was built for Harrison’s Cape Runner six months ago. The Corvette wasn’t so lucky, though.

And after you see the photo, see how long you can go without humming “Little Wrecked Corvette” to yourself the rest of the day.

Content provided by CorvetteBlogger.com

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