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Teal C4 Corvette with ZF 6-Speed Offers Tremendous Value

Teal C4 Corvette with Zf 6-speed Corvetteforum.com

Great price, great color, great gearbox: what’s not to love?

  Comments | By - August 30, 2018

Wild Blown C4 Corvette Runs 9s, Can Be Yours

The big tires and big scoop are there to support big power.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2018

Testarossafied Corvette is Our Kind of Frankenstein

C4 Corvette/Ferrari Testarossa Hybrid

We won’t judge you for admitting that you kind of like it, too.

  Comments | By - July 2, 2018

Kitschy Eighties Goodness: Modified 1984 Corvette

Corvetteforum.com C4 Corvette Radwood Kitschy Goodness

This custom C4 Corvette must have been quite impressive when it was originally built. We think it still is.

  Comments | By - June 6, 2018

Early C4 Corvettes Are Dirt Cheap Fun

Corvetteforum.com C4 Corvette for sale

They won’t win any races, but they max out the “smiles per dollar” quotient.

  Comments | By - June 5, 2018

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