A Fully-Articulated 3D Printed LS3

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Everything Moves as It Should, From the Crank, to the Pistons, to the Valves. The Only Thing This 3D Printed Engine Can’t Do Is Fire up.

Before anyone says this is a “working” 3D-printed engine, it is worth noting that is it simply an articulated version. That said, this 3D engine is a wonderful resource for those learning the basics of engine operation. Mechanical moving parts are reproduced in all of their glory. It also highlights 3D-printing technology, and how it can help us with parts in the future.

Think, for a moment, about how this engine was built. Sourcing CAD drawings that were readily available online, all this builder had to do was download files and make sure he had enough material for printing. That’s it. It really could revolutionize the way the parts industry works in the future.

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Certain parts are likely easier to make than others. But the next time you need a valve cover, or a valve, or a spring, you might only have to download it. Given that materials can be printed strong enough, there’s almost no end to the amount of parts you can print. Aftermarket suppliers need not be worried though, this technology is still in its very primitive stages.

If only they could think of a way to 3D print the ABS module for early C5 Corvettes…

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