Video: Are these 5 Corvette “Must-Dos” Essential?

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Can a few changes make a car even more perfect? This video suggests a handful of mods bring your ‘Vette to life.

A lot of us tend to think the Corvette is pretty great as it is, but if you believe Corvettes 918 on YouTube, there are five things that you should do the moment you buy any performance sports car, especially one like the Corvette. We wanted to list them out here for you and get some feedback on if you agree or not. We are going a bit out of order from the video, but it makes more sense to us this way.

Must-do mods for C7 Corvette

(Also, skip to the 4:10 mark to get past the rolling footage and into the meat of things.)

Our first essential upgrade is a brake-pad swap to ceramic brake pads. This guy swapped specifically over to Hawk ceramic pads.While higher performance compound brake pads are a great addition to any car, this isn’t about performance.

Rather, Corvettes 918 makes the suggestion because the ceramic pads produce a lot less dust, which helps keep your wheels clean and shiny. His Z06 has black wheels, but he’s looking out for all you “chromers” out there.

In that same vein, he also suggests getting a ceramic paint-protection coating done. It keeps your Corvette extra shiny, protects the paint, and makes it really easy to keep the car clean. He doesn’t really like the clear bra but does suggest all of you who want a clear bra do a whole body panel. This helps hide the bra-line and will also help with uneven fading of your paint.

Next on our list of “must-dos” for a Corvette is a cold-air intake. This is the only real modification on the list, and it is made for a performance benefit. A little boost of power, a little easier breathing engine, and little more throttle response certainly never hurt anyone.

With all that cleanliness and extra horsepower, you might be inclined to speed around a little bit, so the next item on our list of musts is a radar detector. Unless you live in Virginia. If that’s you, please skip over this part. There is nothing to see here. For the rest of you, it’s pretty obvious how a radar detector can be a useful tool. The recommended unit here is an Escort MAX360. Personally, we are pretty big fans of the V1.

The last tip of the video is actually the one we agree with the most. We think this is the most important thing you must do with every performance machine you will ever own. This goes especially true for the Corvette. DRIVE. Pretty self-explanatory there.

What were your first modifications? Talk about it on the forums.

So what do you guys think? Are these five things absolute musts for all Corvette owners, or is this guy just blowing hot air on YouTube?

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