How-To Spotlight: Properly Break in your Corvette Engine

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Corvette Engine Break-In

The desire is strong. Really strong. Getting behind the wheel of a new Corvette just makes you want to drive fast. But follow the procedure to treat your new car’s engine right.

No one said that it was going to be easy. Anyone, and we mean anyone, who has ever had the chance to drive a Corvette has wanted to drop the accelerator to the carpet of the car. Driving fast in a Corvette is like breathing; it just happens, you really have no choice. Sure you can hold your breath for a while, but in the end, your body forces you to exhale. Similarly, the Corvette forces you to search for the power in the engine.

But there’s a catch when you purchase a new Corvette and many other high-performance sports cars: Most manufacturers recommend that you “break in” the engine. But what exactly does that mean? What’s the point of breaking in an engine? That’s where today’s How-To Spotlight fills in the blanks. If you have ever had the honor of being the first owner of a vehicle it really is a cool experience.

If you have ever had the honor of being the first owner of a vehicle, it really is a cool experience. Well, at least it is for most car enthusiasts out there. There is just something cool about knowing that you are the first one putting miles on that ride. It is not just a Corvette thing; it could be a truck, compact car, motorcycle, whatever. Being the first to get full control and ownership is cool.

Corvette Engine Break-In

General Motors does have set-up guidelines for how to properly break in the engine of a new Corvette. The car even has special settings and gauge lights on the instrumentation panel to help remind you of what not to do. But in the end, the car is not going to prevent you from driving it. It will take every bit of patience and self-control to follow the guidelines. If you get the opportunity we hope you can do it!

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