6 Memes That Manual Corvette Owners Will Love

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Aah, behold: a manual C7 in all its glory, just waiting for someone who appreciates its beauty to take the wheel.

I don’t know about you, folks, but there’s just something that scares me too death about the idea that the beauty of a manual transmission could soon become a thing of the past.

It seems like every other day now I’m stumbling upon some story about a carmaker planning to do away with the stick.

Sure, we might be some years away from when Corvettes are no longer offered with a manual transmission, but with a take rate of around 60 percent of C7 buyers opting for auto, my guess is that it’s only going to get higher as those automatics get better and better in the years to come.

Yup, decades from now those manual shift nobs could wind up in a museum display, which seems like a shame if you ask me. So I’ve pulled together a few memes that I bet capture the sentiments of a few others here at Corvette Forum, who still think manuals rule.

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