7 Reasons Why Chrome Wheels Are Better Than Black

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It appears that the debate between black or chrome essentially comes down to what age you are for a lot of Corvette owners.

That is if you buy into some of the comments about the matter here at Corvette Forum. The mixed opinions were sparked by a thread started by CF Member CorvetteBob52 who posted the below comparison shot and asked for advice on whether chrome or black wheels look better on his yellow Corvette drop-top.


“I like the look of chrome– but am over 50,” wrote member CQRT. “If you’re younger, you’ll probably prefer black… but no matter how you slice it–that back wheel with the big yellow letters is fugly!”

“Guess I’m ‘young’ at 38, but do like the more sinister look of the black… sans the yellow lettering. I’d suggest a subtle yellow stripe instead,” said member imgn tht.

I tend to agree with both CF members about the yellow lettering. It’s a bit much in either case. But aside from that, I’ve decided to list seven of my personal top reasons why I think chrome wheels are the better pick of the two.


1. Chrome wheels are more true to the traditional appeal of the Corvette.

2. There are more chrome wheels to choose from now for a “unique” look.

3. Everyone else is doing black wheels.

4. Unless the Corvette is all black, black wheels can distract from the car’s overall design.

5. Subtlety has its perks.

6. Black wheels don’t convey any of the luxury appeal of the Corvette.

7. Chrome wheels have more staying power.

Hey, just my opinion. But what’s your take on the great debate?

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