Has the Corvette Improved Your Sex Life?

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It’s been said that a hot sports car can actually improve your sex life. Now, I’m sure most guys here would probably credit success in that area to their good looks. But it does bring into question whether or not a Corvette is a viable tool for the rest of us, who might not have the appeal of Brad Pitt when it comes to picking up women.

Corvette Forum member PatriotsGuy certainly seems to think the Corvette is helping his cause, as highlighted in a recent thread he started titled, “Has your Vette improved your sex life?

“I’ve noticed a considerable increase in the number and quality of girls I’ve been screwing since acquiring my vette a year ago. Anyone else?” asked PatriotsGuy.

Most of the responses seem to indicate that buying a ‘Vette is a pretty good way to spice up your sex life.

Member ThoughtbetterboughtaC6 agrees, and offers a different perspective on the idea.

“…I think it helps in at least two ways. Number one girls like corvettes. Number two and maybe more important owning a corvette gives you the confidence to talk to girls especially the nice looking ones. Which makes it more likely for other things to happen,” wrote the senior member.

Our guess is that there are probably dozens more here who would probably agree. Just one more perk of Corvette ownership.

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