7 Types of People Stuck in Traffic

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Traffic is an annoyance that can stem from an accident, pedestrians, herded animals and other inconveniences that happen over and over throughout the day.  To get caught up in it can be mind-numbingly boring unless you find some way to amuse yourself and pass the time. Take a look around every once in a while and see if you can spot some of these people sharing a bit of life with you.


The Thinker


What am I going to cook for dinner? That car looks kind of cool, I wonder how much it costs? Why is my nephew responding to all my texts with memes? Should I buy that singing bass for father’s day?

You may be “the thinker” if you have nowhere to go and everything in the world that is bouncing around in your head comes tumbling to the front.


The Escapist


Oh, that lane is moving! (squeeze in). Now it’s stopped. Oh, that exit is coming up! Maybe I can get off and just take the streets over? Now no one lets them over. Finally, change lanes and bam! No movement. Get comfortable Houdini, you’re stuck in this car congestion straight jacket.


The Optimist


This is the person who has mastered making lemonade when life gives them rotting putrid citrus.

Part of you is inspired while the other part is slightly jealous that this guy has zero cares in the world and just goes with the flow.


The Multitasker


They decided to sleep in and now they’re running behind. With not a worry in the world as they proceed to fully do their make-up and catch up on emails.

Guys are guilty of this, too. Like trimming nose hairs and even using an electric shaver in order to be presentable for the 9 to 5.


The Rager


It doesn’t matter if the sky is a beautiful blue or an overcast gray, this person is seeing RED. There is no rational explanation for what has ticked them off, but you are now an unwitting audience member to the string of barbs and expletives directed at the poor soul unlucky enough to be ahead of their car.


The Jester


Similar to the optimist, this person seeks to make light of this spirit-breaking situation. They usually will amuse themselves and often appear to be mentally unstable. Once they notice that an audience has become aware, then the real show begins. There can be strange faces, staring contests and even a horse head mask employed in order to bring a raucous laughter out of you. They usually mean you no harm, but if they get out of the car and demand some sort of participation then lock the doors!


The Narcissist

Man, I look good today. I should show the world how good I look. Oh, I know (takes out cell phone), I’ll put it on Instagram! Now you’re sitting here in traffic watching this impromptu photo shoot happen a car’s length or two from you. Extra points if you can spot the thinker watching the narcissist and wondering if their vanity will ever be marred in a heinous accident?


Can you think of any others? Comment below to share!


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