ADV1 Wheels Takes a Different Stance With Corvette Z06

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Considering some of the wheel talk that’s been going on around here at Corvette Forum, I figured I’d chime in on the discussion with this find.

The setup, a collaborative effort between ADV1 Wheels, Wheels Boutique, and Exclusive Motoring, is certainly different than the look we’ve been accustomed to seeing with the new Z06, but it’s definitely not short on uniqueness, as highlighted in a recent report.

The exact spec on the rims are ADV7.0 Track Spec SL, measuring 20×10.5 inch up front and 21×12.5 inch on the rear. And while black wheels would probably be my personal choice for the Z06, the polished aluminum treatment certainly gives the car a different appeal when paired with a white model of the car.

Then again, just about any setup looks enticing on a Corvette bearing that Z06 badging, if you ask me.

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via [MotorWard]

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