Another Corvette Caught Rallying for the Cause

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Plant City Corvette

When it comes to the Corvette and giving back, one thing’s for certain: the car will definitely get people to rally for a cause.

Just ask the good folks down in Plant City, Florida, who recently raised a record $162,000 in a drawing for a 2015 Stingray with the proceeds going to Unity in the Community, a non-profit and school outreach program that helps needy people in the area, as highlighted in a recent Tampa Tribune report.

Tickets for the drawing were $5 each and were sold over the 11 days of the Florida Strawberry Festival, which amounts to selling roughly 32,400 tickets. Not bad for city with a population of only 35,000 and a car priced at around $55,000.

“It’s remarkable when we pull together what we can do,” said Stingray Chevrolet dealer Steve Hurley.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve.

The winner of the C7 was Plant City resident Ann Trinkle (seen above) who said she was shocked to win the car. And I imagine she was even more shocked once she drove it.

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via [The Tampa Tribune]

photo [Plant City Observer]

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