Corvette Forum Member Runs 10.77 in Z06 at MIR

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CF Member w farmer z

I bet this will shut up all those trolls who’ve been lurking around here trying to hate on the new Corvette Z06.

Don’t think I haven’t been keeping an eye on you. I’ve just been stacking the deck waiting for a good opportunity to start unleashing a few more facts about the car. But it looks like Corvette Forum member “wfarmer.Z” might have beat me to the punch.

In a thread titled “Took the Z to MIR,” wfarmer.Z says that he recently took his Z06 A8 to Maryland International Raceway and made two runs back to back in the tens, with a best time of a 10.77 at 129 mph.

Yup, you read it right. That’s 10.77, bone stock, baby, with only 550 miles on the odometer.

So, the next time you trolls get the urge to post something negative about the Z06 just for the sake of being contrarian, you might want to refer back to this thread on why you should keep your comments to yourself.

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