How-To Tuesday: Unlocking the Secrets of the C6 Corvette

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Corvette C6 Competition

If you come across someone who says they know all of the secrets of the C6 Corvette, I would squint my eyes and look them over very carefully. I would question if that person had spent nearly enough time on Corvette Forum, and if they had showered recently.

You see, to claim you have the entire book of knowledge in your head about the C6 would be like a man saying that he completely understands women. It’s just hard to fathom. Not that it isn’t possible, but it’s certainly one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” scenarios.

However, if you want to get well onto the road of unlocking many of the C6’s wonderful secrets, I’m going to give you a great starting point. This article called “C6 Corvette: Secrets of the C6,” by Charlie Gaston does a great job of giving the reader a basic preview of the new design cues that came out with the C6. There’s also great information about the basics of the engine, scheduled maintenance tips, and common questions and issues.

For those of you looking to dig a little deeper, head over to Corvette Forum and check out this thread, “C6 Frequently Asked Questions,” and this thread, “C6 Z06 Frequently Asked Questions,” and finally this thread, “Secrets of the C6.”

Once you have gone through everything on those links, there will be a test that follows. If you can pass that test then we will consider you the foremost expert on women, er… on the C6. We’ll just be really impressed, how’s that?

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