Authorities Investigate ‘Suspicious’ Corvette Fire

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I’m sure hoping authorities in Fort Smith, Arkansas get to the bottom of this Corvette burning in a so-called “suspicious” fire, especially considering those kind of statements can quickly take on a completely different meaning in this day and age of massive vehicle recalls.

However, after digging a little deeper into the story, something tells me this fire is not as “suspicious” as this report is leading us to believe.

The family who owns the 2000 convertible Corvette reportedly called 911 at around two in the morning when they found the C5 burning in their front yard, where it was parked. Authorities concluded the fire must have started on the passenger side of the car because that’s where most of the damage was detected.

However, here’s where the fire being “suspicious” gets suspicious: police were just at the house a few days earlier after the family reported the Corvette and another truck in the driveway had been shot at. That in itself gives me the sense that foul play is the real cause of this “accident.”

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