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Hitting a Raccoon at Speed Is Not Good for Your C7

We would like to remind users that you should only feed your ‘Vettes the finest fuel, and avoid fresh meat at all times.

  Comments | By - February 14, 2018

Man Working on Corvette Sets House and Cars on Fire

Oregon man suffers severe burns, torches house while working on Corvette’s fuel system.

  Comments | By - February 17, 2017

Wife Does $4,000 Worth of Damage to Husband’s Corvette

Two wrongs don’t make a right, especially if the wrong involves taking out your frustration on your husband’s treasured Corvette.

  Comments | By - November 12, 2015

Authorities Investigate ‘Suspicious’ Corvette Fire

Authorities in Fort Smith, Arkansas are investigating the “suspicious” circumstances around the fire that engulfed this convertible C5 Corvette.

  Comments | By - March 24, 2015

Burnt 2014 Stingray Hardly Recognizable, but Extra-Crispy

I certainly would’ve never been able to identify this as a C7, but I guess it would be hard to make anything out of a car that has sustained this kind of damage.

  Comments | By - September 10, 2014