After Just Six Miles, Another C7 Corvette Z06 Motor Fails

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Well hopefully this is not shaping up to be a trend, but it seems that we have another Z06 motor failure, and this one happened with just six miles on the odometer.

We are still actively trying to gather more information on this car, and the various factors that may have come into play with what is happening here. What we know so far is that the car was a Z07 package car with the manual transmission. The car was delivered, and then just a few miles from the dealer the car started knocking, and then it blew bits of LT4 everywhere.


The owner of this car is a new member to Corvette Forum who is going by the username Zrace2, and he still doesn’t have a lot of info to share. What we do have are some pictures and a series of texts from the dealer he worked with, which can all be found in the main thread. According to one of the texts, the picture you see above is “the side of the engine block and the part of the piston that went through the block.”

It is sad to hear of yet another engine failure, but to my knowledge there still haven’t been a large enough number of problems to really point to a major issue in the manufacturing of the LT4, but data is coming in fast.

The thread has devolved into a lot of angry users pointing fingers and calling names, but I hope that soon we can get more information and get to the bottom of what is happening. I am sure that GM is sending a team to tear that motor apart and figure out what is going wrong with it. Good Luck, Zrace2, and I hope you end up with a new 2016 for your troubles. We will be keeping our eye on the thread and update the front page later if there are any major revelations to be had.

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