Boba Fett’s Corvette Has Been Spotted

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Fett's 'Vette

Now that he’s a peacetime Mandalorian, Boba Fett’s ‘Vette may be a little dinged up but it’s ready to nail down a new record for the Kessel run.

After escaping from his fate of being digested over a thousand years by the sarlacc, the most dangerous bounty hunter in the universe appears to have found himself a new planet to base himself on. However, as we can see from this sharp-eyed Reddit user’s post, Boba Fett has not lost his taste for cool transport, and it’s only natural he would choose a true weapon for the road. Despite being a peacetime Mandalorian, it’s no secret that he’s a hunter for hire with no plans to retire.

All we have seen so far is pictures and, because Fett is legendary for being a man of few words and fond of disintegrations, we are in no hurry to approach him or go poking around his vehicle without express permission. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to find a couple of projectile launchers and seismic charges tucked away out of sight. There’s definitely a few modifications to the outside of Fett’s Z06, but it’s hard to tell if it has a beskar armored hood, roof, or trunk.

Corvette’s are notoriously short on space for transporting prisoners frozen in carbonate, but that’s probably frowned upon here on earth anyway. It may not actually be the ideal vehicle for the Kessel Run either, but as a pure pursuit car, a Corvette is a natural choice. Also, since there’s no show about bounty hunters on TV anymore, we wonder if that’s why Fett’s ‘Vette is making public appearances. After all, he can’t work for Jabba the Hutt anymore to finance his ‘Vette.

We would definitely tune into the first episode of Fett the Bounty Hunter. Particularly if it also stars the badass vehicle that is Fett’s ‘Vette.

Photos: PDX Wraps.

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