Brit Chris Evans Set to Fill Clarkson’s Shoes at Top Gear

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Folks, it looks as if the BBC and Top Gear have finally moved well beyond the historic era of Jeremy Clarkson.

Sure, it’s been a done deal for a while, but nothing quite says “farewell” and “best of luck with your new endeavors” quite like another person filling your job.

The guy sliding into the top hosting position of the popular BBC show is Chris Evans, a British media fixture also known for his love of cars, according to a report. The host, who has apparently had a host of media gigs in Europe, supposedly owns a collection of vintage cars, although there’s been no mention of a Corvette.

There was a lot of speculation that Evans would be filling the post after word leaked Sunday that he was making a “secret Top Gear film.” Turns out that the piece was actually a Top Gear featurette for TFI Friday in which Evans and Clarkson joked about Evans getting Clarkson’s old job.

Whether or not Evans’ deal was already in place when he was making the featurette is a little unclear. However, one thing’s for certain: filling Clarkson’s shoes won’t be nearly as easy as pulling off a featurette.

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