Massive HRE Corvette Gallery Should Help You Get Over the Hump

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Alright folks, it’s hump day, and no I won’t be making any stupid camel jokes or anything like that. But I will say this, the week is half over and you know what that means: weekend drives are right around the corner. Since we’re not just there yet, we thought we’d give you a way to waste a little time at work today, to bring that drive ever closer. Something a bit personal, and a bit motivational. Something like our top-16 pictures that feature HREs and our beloved Corvette.

Thanks to a few friends over at HRE Wheels, we’ve been given access to some photos that the public normally wouldn’t get to see. So without further ado, and with the goal to keep you all from actually working this afternoon, here are the best Corvettes from HRE’s gallery. My suggestion is to look at each picture for at least five minutes. Then, by the time you’re done, the day will be over. Good luck.

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via [HRE Wheels]

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