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New C7 Corvette Z06 Immediately Transformed for Track Duty

Most track builds start with used or even tatty cars. But this Corvette Forum member decided to start fresh!

  Comments | By - December 13, 2018

How Would You Build the Ultimate C7 Corvette Track Car?

C7 Corvette

Corvette Forum member seeks advice on transforming a current gen Corvette into a track-only machine.

  Comments | By - December 12, 2018

C7.R Edition Corvette Flexes 1,400 HP and Outruns Exotics

C7.R Corvette

Take a fully built crate motor and toss it in a highly limited C7.R special edition Corvette, and the results are glorious.

  Comments | By - December 7, 2018

Is the C7 Corvette Nothing More Than an Old Man’s Car?

C7 Corvette

The Corvette has long carried this overblown stigma, but from the looks of things, it might just be true after all.

  Comments | By - December 6, 2018

Will GM’s Massive Cuts Spell Doom for the Corvette?

C7 Corvette Assembly

GM shocked us by announcing it’s killing off a number of cars and closing plants. So will this affect the Corvette?

  Comments | By - December 4, 2018

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