The C3 Corvette Is a Perfect First Car

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No, we haven’t lost our minds. A C3 Corvette would make a great first car.

“What’s a good first car?” It’s a question car enthusiasts always get asked, because our knowledge of cars should equate to sage wisdom and advice. Except, we usually tell people they should buy cars that are entirely impractical, expensive to maintain, or require a lot of attention. Just because we can put up with it, doesn’t mean they will. Sadly, average commuter cars give us an eye twitch. So we at Corvette Forum have come up with a solution: buy a C3. We’re completely serious.

1. You don’t have to worry about outrageous speeds

We love the L88 motor, but there’s plenty of C3 examples out there with the 350 engine. Lets be honest though, some versions struggled to crack 200 horsepower. But for a beginner driver, that’s a very good thing indeed. What will end up happening is they won’t want to engage in any form of mischief, simply because of how slow they are compared to modern metal.

2. It becomes a family affair and an instant friend-maker

Some of our greatest memories come from family, and there’s no better way than to spend quality time with a new driver and their shiny Stingray. Be it showing the ropes of a manual transmission, or helping out with some of the repairs, quality time can’t be beat, especially at car shows.

3. It’ll teach your new driver basic essentials, and then some

Some might say that the computer-packed rides we have today make things more complicated. That may be true, but they also immediately tell you what’s wrong with the car. The C3 on the other hand makes you do some mechanical exploring. Knowledge of how to use things like a timing light or a multimeter are invaluable skill sets. As well, tuning a carb is a lost art. Learning, and mastering it is extremely rewarding.

4. It’s a platform that can grow

Obviously, an L88 C3 will not be a good first car, but Corvettes which made up the bulk of the production run can be modified without worry. No one is going to care about a “numbers matching” car that started out choked by emissions anyway. Want more speed? Massage the engine a little bit, or better yet, throw something in there with a bit more displacement!

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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