C4 Corvette: How to change the brake pads

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The brake pads on your C4 Corvette are the materials that
press against the brake disc under your control. These pads are
responsible for executing the braking of your car and, as a result of
the heavy friction that they experience in normal driving, must be
replaced periodically in order to maintain the safety and quality of
your braking system. An at home brake pad change is a relatively easy
procedure to do; read on for a step by step guide to changing the brake
pads in your Corvette C4.

Step 1 — Prepare the Car

Begin by parking your Corvette on a level surface and engaging the
emergency or parking brake. Wedge wooden blocks around all four tires in
order to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t move at all as you’re

Step 2 — Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the cable that attaches to the negative pole of the battery underneath the hood of your Corvette.

Step 3 — Jack Up the Car

Use a Corvette auto jack to lift up the rear end of the vehicle several inches off of the ground.

Step 4 — Remove the Existing Pads

Use a C clamp to grasp the caliper in the wheelwell. Tighten the
clamp gradually, being careful not to overtighten and damage the
pistons. Once the grip is firm, twist the caliper downward in order to
access the brake pads. Remove the existing pads and mechanisms that are

Step 5 — Install the New Pads

Follow the instructions that are provided with the new brake pads in
order to install them. You should clean out the interior of the braking
system before you install new brake pads. Once this is completed, repeat
the process for the front wheels as well.

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