Tech Thursday: C5 Interior

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Why Mod?

While there really aren’t any performance benefits from modifying the interior (unless you strip it to reduce weight, or add a roll cage to increase safety) it’s a great way to customize the car and make it truly yours. The only drawbacks are the time and money you might spend. Oh and you might ruin your car, so please keep it tasteful. Anyhow, below are a few more common mods to get you started and here’s a thread to show you some possibilities…

Center Console

There are retailers which sell padded center consoles as many people find them to be too hard. Another option, is going the DIY route with a stitched cover, padding (like a used yoga mat or memory foam material) and adhesive. Check out this link for more details, thanks Valleybacker!


People seem to dislike the finish on the carpets and trunk mat in the C5. One common remedy is Lloyd Mats. You get quality floor mats ranging from thick to thin to rubber, just pick and they custom make ’em and ship them out.



LED lighting can improve the look and brightness of the interior, which can look awesome AND ruin your night vision. Be careful, but if you want to see what’s possible, check this out.


Some people find the Corvette’s stock seats too squishy or too firm or too pedestrian. Whatever your case may be, installing race, race-inspired, or any kind of aftermarket seats can be complicated. Check out an install here and see if you think you could tackle it. Yes, it’s just one example.

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