Corvette ZR1 Race Shows the Power of Nitrous, and the Driver Mod

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When 900 horsepower is the entry point to this Corvette ZR1 race, you know the action is going to be good.

There are a few things in the world of racing that are common knowledge. First up, is that LS motors respond amazingly well to breathing mods. Whether it’s boost, or a screaming all-motor setup, it’s easy to make big, reliable power with the Chevy V8. Heads, cam, intake, headers and a tune will do wonders for a naturally-aspirated, or supercharger LS motor.

But you know what else helps an LS motor make big numbers on the dyno? Nitrous. As this video from StreetScienceTX shows, a 150 shot of giggle gas will have your Corvette hauling some serious ass.

Corvette ZR1 Nitrous Race

Well, at least if you can put the power down to the ground, which brings up our second point: no mod is better for racing than the driver mod. Your ride can have all the power in the world, but if the squishy bit behind the steering wheel doesn’t know how to wheel a high power ride, and bang gears with the best of them, it’s not going to do much good.


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This video showcases two C6 Corvette ZR1 models, each with packing in excess of 900 horsepower. One of them the camera car, has full bolt-ons, heads and a cam. The other has those same mods, but with a 150 shot of nitrous. Both appear to be on slicks, but traction is still going to be tough with that much juice. There’s also a Ford Lightning pick-up in the mix, also with a claimed 900 horsepower, but that big old boat never had a chance of rolling with the ‘Vettes.

Indeed, the real action is between the two C6s. You would think that the nitrous-fed ZR1 would walk away from the other ZR1, but through a series of missed gears, wheel spin and nitrous backfires, it’s, instead, the less potent ZR1 continually edging out its nitrous-powered partner in crime. Like we said, nothing beats the driver mod.

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