C6 Corvette Squares off With Infamous Twin-Turbo Gallardo

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Earlier this week, the flat dark gray Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo showed up on this very page. It was going up against the lightning-fast AMP C7 Corvette, and although the Lambo crossed the finish line first and had a faster top speed, the C7 smoked it in the quarter-mile time. That clip is actually at the end of the montage below, but that wasn’t the only ‘Vette to match with the Lambo. There was a C6, as well.

There is no information in the video description about the first Corvette in the video, but it puts up a fight. Well, relatively, for what it’s going up against. If this is the same Gallardo that has been reported on all over the web, then it might have around 1,700 horsepower. But, horsepower doesn’t buy you a good jump if your driver isn’t the right fit.

The C6 has a great launch and skips off to a hot start in front of the Gallardo, but a faster car is still usually a faster car, and the Lambo rips up the strip to catch up. One of the cars finishes with a 9.88 time, the other comes in at 10.9. You can probably guess which wins, but check out the action below, especially if you want to see a completely different twin-turbo Lambo.

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