Hot Dragstrip Action: C7 Corvette Z06 Versus Lamborghini Gallardo

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c7 zo6 lamborghini drag

The first ten seconds of the video below are probably enough to excite most people here at Corvette Forum.

But given that this C7 Z06, touted as the world’s fastest, is revving up to battle a Lamborghini Gallardo on the dragstrip, you’ll likely be inclined to let the entire clip play out. After all, since we’re talking about the Z06 ¼ mile record holder with a 9.3 second pass, you already know that it’s not going to take long to get to the finale.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any real details on the mods for these two contemporary dragsters. But with proven performance names like AMP behind the Z06 and Underground Racing behind the Lambo, you just know that this video is going to depict one hell of a showdown before you even hit play.

However, it quickly becomes clear that the Z06 has a little more muscle than the Lamborghini.

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Via [High Tech CorvetteDuPont Registry]

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