C7 Corvette Z06 Notches 8-Second Quarter Mile

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With Each New Generation, the Corvette Gets Even More Impressive, as Exemplified by This 8-Second, Straight-Line Monster

The ironic part of the above sentence is that the C7 is the most track-capable Corvette to date. That’s right: it goes around corners! We have all heard the haters say it: “Corvettes are only good in a straight line… blah, blah.” Part of the latest-generation Corvette’s original mission was to silence those doubters, and provide enthusiasts with a true and honest driver’s car.

But even with that mission carried out in epic fashion, it is still damn fun to watch a Corvette haul ass in a straight line. Like in this video, featuring a C7 Z06 with some work done under the hood, and enormous drag tires.

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The thing is absolutely sinister. You can tell from the bark of the exhaust, even when the car is at idle. While we don’t have any specific information on the powertrain enhancements, there is some beautiful carbon fiber work done to the interior, which helps to lighten the rocket ‘Vette’s load. End result? How about completing the quarter-mile in less than nine seconds!

Can a Dodge Viper put up a decent fight against this drag machine? Watch and find out — but let’s just say the race wasn’t even close.

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