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Yesterday, we ran this photo showing a scary scene in the World Endurance Challenge Corvette pits where NO ONE WAS HURT and asked you to come up with a funny caption since NO ONE WAS HURT. My favorite caption was one calling me a degenerate. Unfortunately for the commenter, it wasn’t remotely funny to anyone else so it couldn’t be included in the top three.

Below, are the three captions that were the funniest. If you don’t like them you can try writing something in, but it’ll be considered a hanging chad and you’ll lose Florida and, well, Vice President Al Gore knows how that turned out… did I mention that NO ONE WAS HURT?

The winner of the poll will receive a copy of ¬†“Corvette Illustrated Encyclopedia” by Tom Benford. Two runner-ups will receive the satisfaction of knowing that they’re marginally funny. The poll will close in 24 hours and the winner will be contacted by this degenerate, yours truly. Top three: I encourage you to stuff the ballot box by asking your friends, family, neighbors, exceptionally smart internet-using ¬†honor-student pugs to vote. Now…

Which is the funniest caption for this photo?

  • Team Corvette mechanic, John Cash, does his "I walked through a Burning Ring of Fire" routine to no one else's amusement (50%, 18 Votes)
  • This is one way the Viper can beat the C6.R (36%, 13 Votes)
  • ahhh, I'm on fire (14%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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